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Hi all,
First of all I want to thank James about great work with this. I also
hope that you have possibility to answer to this survey or share the
information about the survey with those people you think might be the
right answerer to this in your organisation.
Secondly. Short reminder that early bird registartion of the RDA Plenary
14 in Espoo and Helsinki ends September 24, 2019 midnight EST. Local
organisers have advised us that hotels should be booked as soon as
possible. More information:
Thirdly. RDARI IG will have a working session on Thursday 24th October
2019 in Breakout 5 (11:00 – 12:30). Our theme is “Healthy architectures
for healthy data – sharing approaches for sensitive data architectures”.
We have session of presentations and lightning talks by institutions –
followed by the questions and discussion. If your institution or
organisation have a project, service or architecture about sensitive
data, health data or governance and like to share information about it,
here is the place. If you like to prepare a short lightning talk (with
or without slides) it is more than welcome. You can inform me beforehand
(and I’ll include your talk in to the list) or just say your word in our
More information:
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