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Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) acts as the technical backbone of the RDA, offering expertise and guidance to the Council. TAB also plays a crucial role in the development, review and promotion of RDA Working & Interest Groups and Communities of Practice.

For a comprehensive understanding of TAB’s responsibilities and collaborative processes, please consult the document outlining TAB’s functions and operational framework.

Current members

Rossella Aversa
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Steinbuch Centre for Computing (KIT – SCC)
Noel Chibhira
University of Pretoria
Daniel Bangert
Anthony Oko-Isu 
Lecturer at the Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Nigeria

Raphael Cobe
TAB Co-chair
Research Associate, Sao Paulo State University / Project Manager, Advanced Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Isabelle Perseil
Niels Deriemaecker
Account Management / Stakeholder Engagement
Belnet / EOSC Focus
Rob Quick
TAB Co-chair
Associate Director Science Gateways Research Center
Louise Bezuidenhout
Senior Researcher
Leiden University
Martina Stockhause
Programme Manager / Project Manager
German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ)
Anupama Gurujaj
Program Officer
Frankie Stevens
FES Consulting
Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström
Data Steward / Bioinformatician
ELIXIR Sweden / National Bioiinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS)
Mingfang Wu
TAB Co-chair
Senior Research Data Specialist
Australian Research Data Commons
Laurel Haak
Mighty Red Barn
Victoria Smith
Programme/Project Manager
Digital Research Alliance of Canada

TAB Rotation Schedule 

NOTE: TAB members can renominate if they wish, subject to rules listed in the RDA TAB Responsibilities and Processes document.

Term Expires November 2024*Term Expires November 2025*Term expires December 2026*
Raphael CobeRob Quick (2nd term)Daniel Bangert
Isabelle Perseil (2nd term)Anthony Oko-Isu (2nd term)Victoria Smith
Rossella AversaWolmar Nyberg ÅkerströmLouise Bezuidenhout
Frankie Stevens (2nd term)Martina StockhauseAnupama Gurujaj
Laurel HaakNiels DeriemaeckerMingfang Wu (2nd term)
Noel Chibhira
* While we try to ensure consistent timelines for term expiration, there may be slight modifications each year to as we aim to align those dates with plenary schedules.  

Previous TAB members

2013 – 2014Bill Michener2015 – 2018Wenbo Chu2020 – 2021João Rocha da Silva
2013 – 2015Bridget Almas 2015 – 2018Steve Diggs2020 – 2023Sarah Jones
2013 – 2015Beth Plale2015 – 2018Larry Lannom2020 – 2023Karin Breitman
2013 – 2015Jamie Shiers2016 – 2019Paul Uhlir2020 – 2023Gretchen Greene
2013 – 2016Peter Fox2016 – 2019Tobias Weigel2020 – 2023Shahira Khair
2013 – 2016Susanna-Assunta Sansone2016 – 2022Helen Glaves
2013 – 2016Peter Wittenburg2016 – 2022Devika Madalli
2013 – 2016Simon Cox2017 – 2020Jane Wyngaard
2013 – 2020Andrew Treloar2017 – 2020Sarah Ramdeen
2013 – 2020Francoise Genova2018 – 2019Raed Sharif
2013 – 2020Rainer Stotzka2018 – 2021Dimitris Koureas
2014 – 2017Liu Chuang2018 – 2021Christine Kirkpatrick
2014 – 2017Carole Palmer2019 – 2021Jeremy Geelen
2015 – 2018Ingrid Dillo2019 – 2022Sa-kwang Song
Past RDA Technical Advisory Board Members including length of service