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RDA’s 22nd Plenary – Registration

Registration Process

Payment Methods

Registration timeline

Equality and Diversity Programme for RDA Plenaries (EDPP)

The RDA aims to deliver plenaries that are truly global, culturally diverse and inclusive. To meet this goal, we are launching an Equality and Diversity Programme (EDPP) that invites RDA members to support plenary participation for those members residing in low or middle income countries (LMIC). For LMIC members, cost is often a major deterrent to participation in international conferences, including RDA plenaries. With the EDPP, we hope that through the generosity of our community, we will see increased engagement at future plenaries from LMIC members, including regions in the Southern hemisphere. 

For members who would like to support LMIC members through the purchase of registration tickets

Please note the following:

  • Cost for one LMIC ticket is $30. Tickets will be on sale until 23 May, 2024.
  • The listing of countries that qualify as LMIC are listed here.
  • Plenary organisers will allocate support tickets to LMIC members on a first-come, first-applied basis
  • LMIC members will need to apply for support to receive these tickets (“support tickets”)
  • If there are more support tickets purchased than LMIC support request applications, these tickets will be made available to to support registration for at RDA’s 23rd Plenary


To support LMIC members through the purchase of additional VP22 registration tickets, please select the “Add-on LMIC Support Ticket” during your registration.

Register Now on Whova

For LMIC members interested in obtaining VP22 registration support

The application form is open. The criteria and application process is as follows:

  • Applicants must be an RDA member (Check your membership status or join RDA here)
  • Note: We are moving to a new website, so you are unable to join the RDA at this time. Please proceed with the application and let us know if you are not an RDA member in your submission (see ‘Apply Now’ below). We will be in touch.
  • Applicants must be a resident of an LMIC country (see here) and be able to show proof of status (bank statement, utility bill, payslip, residence permit or lease agreement)
  • Applicants must submit a short application form for a free registration ticket
  • As registration tickets become available through the support of non-LMIC members, applicants will be notified on a first come first served basis of their acceptance and free registration for the plenary
  • After attending VP22, accepted applicants will be required to provide feedback to the RDA Secretariat on their experience (100-250 words). The feedback will be shared with the RDA community as a valuable resource.


To get closer to the latest RDA community event – Plenary 22, Apply Now


Any questions about the EDPP can be sent to the RDA secretariat at

Registration Fee TypeAmount (USD)Amount (GBP)
Full rate HIC*$150£119
Early Bird rate HIC (discounted rate)$100£79
Full rate LMIC** $45£36
Early Bird rate LMIC (discounted rate)$30£24
Student rate HIC$65£52
Student rate LMIC$30£24

*HIC – High Income Countries – as defined by the World Bank
**LMIC – Low and Middle Income Countries – as defined by the World Bank.  

LMIC: Proof will be required upon registration. To check if you qualify, please visit this page. We will require proof of LMIC status such as a bank statement, utility bill, payslip, residence permit or lease agreement.

Students: Applies to those enrolled on a full-time academic programme/course – undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students. We will require proof of student status such as a copy of your student card or an official letter from your institution stating you are an enrolled full-time student. 

VP22 registration fees are subject to the below cancellation & refund conditions. Cancellation of participation must occur via email and be sent to

Please see our Privacy Policy for further details about procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information.

Need help?

For any questions regarding your registration, please send us an email.