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    Extensive work has been, and continues to be done on data interoperability at the technical and information domains. However, a large portion of the challenges in building interoperable information infrastructures are the result of the interplay between organisations, institutions, economics, and individuals. In other words, the human element of the systems – the people who collect and curate data, develop information on data sharing, and design systems and the institutional constructs around them that reward (or otherwise) the sharing of data.  Collectively, these form what we call the “social dynamics” that foster or hinder the progress towards achieving technical and information Interoperability.


    Social Dynamics are some of the most difficult challenges to address. Currently there is a limited body of work on how to address these challenges in a systematic way. In keeping with the mission of the RDA, the focus of this group is to focus on what is required to build the social bridges that enable open sharing and re-use of data.  The focus of this interest group is to identify opportunities for the development of systematic approaches to address the key social challenges and to build a corpus of knowledge on building and operating interoperable information infrastructures.


    The main objective of this IG is to:

    • Identify the key challenges relating to organisational and social dynamics that are encountered when establishing or operating data infrastructures.

    • Identify a key set of organisational, institutional, economic, and individual challenges that increase the friction to achieving information interoperability.

    • Gather case studies that help define the set of problems, and compile a collection of existing solutions that have addressed these problems.  It is acknowledged that often the details of specific case studies could be sensitive and documented case studies may need to be synthesised drawing upon actual cases.

    • Develop guidelines, principles as recommendations for practitioners to apply when attempting to address similar problems in the future.

    • Develop a corpus of knowledge, including models, frameworks and patterns that can be applied by practitioners to develop the desired social dynamics that reduce friction and foster information interoperability. This could potentially be published as a supporting output once validated.


    The purpose of this IG is to create a set of outputs which identify common problems and provide illustrative case studies for practitioners to be able to understand the social dynamics that exist in their specific context and to be able to apply this knowledge in their context to influence positive change.  


    Group Resources

    The groups work is maintained in two main locations:

    • Artifects from the group are maintained on its Zenodo site
    • Reference material is maintained on its Zotero group
      • If you would like to contirbute resources to the Zotero Library you will need to join the group. To do this, follow these steps:
        • Create an account or log in here
        • Click on “groups” from the top banner.
        • Click “search for groups
        • Type “rda_sddi_ig” in the search box and hit enter.
        • Click the group title, then select “Join” from the bottom right hand side.
        • A group admin will approve your request, then you will be able to enter items into the library.

    For a history of the IG and its activities, visit the wiki page.


    Current and past group leadership

    Present Co-Chairs:

    Kheeran Dharmawardena – IG inception to current

    Kristal Spreadborough –  12/11/2020 to current


    Past Co-Chairs:


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  • Group Type: Interest Group
  • Group Status: recognised-and-endorsed
  • Co-Chair(s): Kheeran Dharmawardena, Kristal Spreadborough

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