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    Meeting minutes: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/3rd-working-group-collaboration-meetin…

    Presentation slides: https://www.rd-alliance.org/presentation-slides.html


    Working Group Collaboration Meeting Karlsruhe
    June 11 – 12, 2015

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 
    Kaiserstraße 12
    76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
    Campus Süd, 
    Präsidiumsgebäude 11.30, Senatssaal

    For directions and map see http://www.kit.edu/kit/english/directions.php, Campus South

    This is a continuation of a working meeting series that was started in Garching in February 2014 and in Gaithersburg in November 2014. 
    The objective is to have focused discussion among participants:  something which has proved elusive at the packed RDA Plenary meetings, and to generate discussion on how coordination amongst WGs can achieve
    more coherence and can improve overall RDA outputs. 
    The foci of the June meeting will be on 
    • interaction between the Data Fabric and Data Publishing coordination groups and their related WGs and IGs
    • facilitate adoption questions from amongst IG attendees 
    • build connections between the technically oriented data provisioning and data consumer groups, and social/policy oriented data provisioning and data consumer groups
    This format will allow for a detailed update from the next wave of working group outputs:  those of RDA/WDS Data Publishing coordination group.  Additionally, each participant will be invited to update on the current status of the represented group(s) in relation to the above topics.
    Note that RDA/US has limited funding to support U.S. participant travel to these meetings. Contact Larry Lannom (llannom@cnri.reston.va.us) to request support.
    Preliminary agenda (open for discussion):
    June 11, 2015
    13:00 Welcome Doris Wedlich
    13:15 Organization of the Workshop, set the agenda Rainer Stotzka
    13:30 WG Data Citation Andreas Rauber
    13:55 WG Data Type Registries Larry Lannom
    14:20 WG/IG PID Information Types Tobias Weigel
    14:45 WG Metadata Standards Directory Rebecca Koskela
    15:10 Break  
    15:40 Discussion  
    16:10 IG Data Fabric Raphael Ritz                               
    16:40 RDA/WDS Publishing Groups Sarah Callaghan
    17:10 IG Data Publishing Sarah?
    17:30 Open Discussion                                                                                             
    19:30 Dinner (self paid)
    Hotel-Restaurant Hoepfner Burghof, Haid-und-Neu-Straße 18,
    76131 Karlsruhe, www.hoepfner-burghof.de
    “A touch of Cinderella in
    June 12, 2015
    09:00 IG Marine Data Harmonization                            Helen Glaves
    09:20 IG ELIXIR Bridging Force Rob Hoft
    09:40 IG Data Foundation and Terminology Gary Berg-Cross, Raphael Ritz
    10:00 WG RDA/CODATA Summer Schools in Data
    Science and Cloud Computing in the Developing World
    Hugh Shanahan
    10:30 Break  
    Discussion: “Sharing RDA visions”
    What needs to be done next?
    How does RDA shape the research data world in the future (5-10a)?

    Larry Lannom

    12:30 Lunch  
    13:30 Final thoughts: 4th Working Group Collaboration Meeting Larry Lannom, Rainer Stotzka
    14:00 End  
    Registered participants (June 2, 2015):
    Ajinkya Prabhune
    Andreas Rauber
    Andrew Treloar
    Beth Plale
    Chuang Liu 
    Danah Tonne
    Doris Wedlich
    Francoise Genova
    Gary Berg-Cross
    Helen Glaves
    Herman Stehouwer
    Hugh Shanahan
    Kathleen Fontaine
    Larry Lannom
    Mark Parsons
    Peter Fox
    Rainer Stotzka
    Raphael Ritz
    Rebecca Koskela
    Rob Hooft
    Ruixiang Shi
    Sarah Callaghan
    Saskia Baier
    Simon Cox
    Tobias Weigel



    A block of guest rooms are available at a rate of ~70 EUR until May 15, code: “KIT”.
    Hotel Eden
    Bahnhofstraße 15, 
    76137 Karlsruhe
    +49 721 18180
    Hotel Elite
    76137 Karlsruhe
    +49 721 828090
    Renaissance Hotel Karlsruhe (Marriott)
    76131 Karlsruhe
    +49 721-37170
    (please contact Saskia Baier <saskia.baier@kit.edu> for pre-reserved rooms)
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  • Co-Chair(s): Larry Lannom, Rainer Stotzka

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