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Harmonising the Future of Multi-Omics Data Standards Integration

Collaborative session notes

Group(s) submitting the application: RDA-OfR Creating a Multi-omics Metadata Schema Standard Reporting Matrix WG

Meeting objectives

The objective of this meeting is to introduce the new RDA-OfR Creating a Multi-omics Metadata Schema Standard Reporting Matrix WG, and its current activities, to the global RDA community. This meeting aims to bring together existing members and potential new members interested in Multi-omics data and metadata standards integration across various subject and domain areas and technologies. In addition, this meeting aims to broaden the range of new perspectives contributing to the working group’s goals and deliverables in promoting diverse collaborations. This meeting will be an interactive working meeting; therefore, a great opportunity for new and existing members to contribute their ideas and initiatives as we move forward in finalising our first WG deliverable (Omics standards Landscape Review & Analysis) and begin discussing aims for subsequent activities.

Meeting agenda: 

Time (UTC)ScopeSpeakers/
14:00 – 14:10Intro Menti (3 min)
Intro of chairs and call to join the WG
Introduction and background overview of the group (audience, aims, objectives, deliverables, milestones, etc.)
14:10 – 14:25Landscape Review (Deliverable 1a) Progress updates and overview.
Feedback discussion, including incorporation of the research data lifecycle elements (experimental design, sample types, data acquisition, etc.) in the review analysis portion.
Quick mention of the aim of the Landscape Review in supporting the Omics Domain Standard Collection located at FAIRsharing (pending Deliverable 1b) stemming from Deliverable 1a criteria selection.
14:25 – 15:25WG “Next Steps” (an interactive discussion/brainstorming activity) in defining recommendation criteria suited for creating an open-source, machine-actionable. 
Depending on the number of attendees, we may split into sub groups.
Link for notes on criteria (copy)
Q&A round table feedback & open discussion (feedback form options).
Connie, Lindsey, Tim, David
15:25 – 15:30Thank you – closing remarks and next steps Connie

Target Audience: 

Group chair serving as contact person: Lindsey Anderson

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The RDA-OfR Creating a Multi-omics Metadata Schema Standard Reporting Matrix WG is an interdisciplinary working group made up of a variety of subject matter experts across Omics technology domains in areas of Genomics, Epigenomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, and Lipidomics. Multi-omics data integration merges multiple Omics data types, leveraging multiple high-throughput technologies and methods for quantification and characterisation of large complex pools of biological molecules. Multi-omics data integration and analysis provides a closer look into the complex functional interactions at the molecular level for improving our understanding of biological and environmental dynamics of living organism(s) across the life science landscape. A persistent challenge Multi-omic data integration faces is the vast array of fragmented data lifecycle metadata and data formats generated across different Omics domains, which makes it difficult to manage and integrate multi-omics data prior to downstream analyses and reuse.

This RDA working group, supported by Oracle for Research (OfR), aims to address many challenges in evaluating both the accuracy and completeness of existing Omics community standards. The working group aims to provide clear recommendations based on careful curation and dissemination of reviewed deliverables (Figure 1) in supporting “state of the art” developments in Multi-omics data standards integration. Thus far, our working group has been actively working together to complete our first Landscape Review for analysing a large collection of existing Omics community standards (Deliverable 1a). Current working activities include leveraging existing Omics records at FAIRsharing (in collaboration with the FAIRsharing WG) and other resources for filling existing curation gaps. In a “Next Step” extension to our Landscape Review we aim to build upon and evaluate existing community Omics standard records for creating a new iterative Omics Domain Collection at FAIRsharing (pending Deliverable 1b). In addition to collecting existing standards, and in collaboration with other working group efforts such as the Life Science Data Infrastructures IG, we have begun incorporating various research data lifecycle provenance elements in pending output recommendations. We hope this will be an exciting area of discussion during our plenary meeting as we invite an open discussion for feedback and suggestions from community stakeholders.

Figure 1. Omic domain technologies and corresponding core Omics working group deliverable outline.

Short Group Status: 

The RDA-OfR Creating a Multi-omics Metadata Schema Standard Reporting Matrix WG are just getting started (~0-6 months after RDA endorsement) as of December 2023 and have already begun building our first two deliverables. The RDA-OfR Multi-omics WG activities thus far have been very productive and we anticipate wrapping up our Community Standards Landscape Review & Analysis (Deliverable 1a) just in time for the VP22 plenary session discussions. Around this time we will be introducing our next WG activity for discussion and feedback from attendees as we prepare creating our FAIRsharing Omics Standards Collection (Deliverable 1b).

Type of Meeting: Working meeting

Additional links to informative material: 

Avoid conflict with the following group (1): ESIP/RDARDA-OfR Mapping the landscape of digital research tools WG Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences IG
Avoid conflict with the following group (2): FAIRification of Genomic Annotations WG

Meeting presenters: Lindsey Anderson, David Molik, Tim Van Den Bossche (WG Co-chairs), Connie Clare (WG Facilitator)

Are you willing to host a second, repeat session in a different time zone?: Yes