RDA in Asia

RDA is an international volunteer member based organisation and as such encourages the initiative and support of its members across the globe to animate their community on a national level. As researchers and innovators are local rather than global, interacting with them in the local language, offering them a platform for exchange of information pertinent to the RDA and their activities and in strict compliance with RDA's guiding principles of Openness, Transparency, Consensus-based, Community driven, Harmonisation and Non-profit, these national pages are animated by RDA volunteer members who have offered to be a contact point. They should not be interpreted as an official representation of the Research Data Alliance in any country or any organisation, unless this is specifically stated.


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This is a working area dedicated to the RDA activities, updates and events in Asia. 
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Recent Activity

17 Jul 2019

National Group posters at RDA P14

This is a short message to confirm that RDA P14 Organizing Committee welcomes posters from National groups, presenting current national initiatives, to be showcased at RDA P14 in Helsinki.
We therefore invite you to submit your abstract by tomorrow here https://www.rd-alliance.org/14th-plenary-call-posters - even a short text as a placeholder will be fine.