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Next Call tomorrow, 1 pm UTC (2 pm CET): WG Charter Update

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    This comes admittedly late and with short notice, but we will have our next
    call tomorrow, Thursday November 2, at 2 pm CET (1 pm UTC).
    The aim of the call is to review the current state of the WG Charter.
    Thanks Lou for the first draft! We can now discuss and revise it.
    You can find the document here:
    Please let me know if you need access rights.
    Anyone who has time over the next 24 hours to read it and provide comments,
    please do so. Thanks!
    The second part of the call will focus on the Section 2 of the WG, Value
    Proposition. (Value Proposition: A specific description of who will benefit
    from the adoption or implementation of the WG outcomes and what tangible
    impacts should result.)
    Call notes here:
    Cheers, m.

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