RDA / TDWG Metadata Standards for attribution of physical and digital collections stewardship


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Stefanie Kethers
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Sarah Ramdeen
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WGs Wrapping up (from ~12 months after RDA endorsement)

This working group will address the incomplete standards for giving attribution for the maintenance, curation, and digitization of collections. Within the scope of the WG, collections can include digital data and physical objects. This WG will produce use cases from a variety of disciplines that will be used to create the final deliverable – an attribution metadata schema. Adopters will include stewards of collections (such as the Natural History Museum London) and aggregators of professional research metrics (such as ImpactStory). 

Recent Activity

21 Sep 2018

RE: RDA Adoption story Natural History Museum of London

Hi Marieke,
Yes, as Anne suggests we’re not yet in a position at the NHM to provide an adoption story I’m afraid. At the moment the museum is in the middle of a major technical upgrade of our collections management system, which makes it hard to get the adoption of the attribution model very high on the CMS team’s priorities in the near future. However I’m in discussions to determine whether it might be applicable to any of our other platforms, so hope to find another adoption use case which would be less dependant on the CMS work being complete.

19 Sep 2018

Re: RDA Adoption story Natural History Museum of London

Hi, yes, sorry. You sent this note earlier. I've copied my contact at
NHML. As far as I know it is too early to really say anything. Matt, can
you comment? iDigBio, might come on line faster. ImpactStory is more of
a second-tier adopter. They wouldn't be able to do anything until
providers of attribution data have adopted.

06 Sep 2018

Post TDWG update

Hello all
This group had an informal lunch meeting during TDWG. The primary outcome of this meeting was that we will begin exploring the creation of a Darwin Core extension for attribution. Representatives of iDigBio were present and agreed to move forward with exploring adoption of our recommendations.

In addition, our recommendations have been submitted for comments here.

30 Aug 2018

Lunch Meeting


This meeting took place during TDWG 2018 in Dunedin, New Zealand. We updated TDWG members about where we are in the RDA process. The group came to consensus that we should explore developing a Darwin Core extension for attribution. Representatives from iDigBio were present and agreed to adopt our recommendations.

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19 Sep 2017

Session at P10


Our next meeting is set for 19 Sept at 16:00 in Montreal. 

This will be a working meeting (agenda), so laptops are needed. Please review materials in the Google folder.

Remote access will be available.

Thank you.

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