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DFIG FAIR DO: Project Share August 26

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    Dear all,
    We would like to invite to our next meeting of “RDA Data Fabric IG: FAIR Digital Object”.
    Project Share: 2021, August 26, UTC 15:00
    Meeting ID: 640 1030 4690
    Using CSTR identifier to share the data
    Presenter: Xiaolei Xia, Computer Network and Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    In the post-epidemic era, scientific data sharing played a more and more important role. To help scientists, CNIC uses the identifier CSTR and the service platform DataPid, identifying science and technology resources, assisting to service for registering and distributing science resources, facilitating the sharing and transmission of those resources.
    Collaborative notes:
    We are looking forward to the presentation and the discussions.
    Best regards,
    Xin Chen

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