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Lynn Yarmey
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Francoise Genova
WGs Producing deliverables (~6-12 months after RDA endorsement)

A variety of stakeholders are showing growing interest in exposing data management plans (*) to other actors (human/machine) in the research lifecycle, beyond their creator and the funder or institution that mandates their production. Interested stakeholders include researchers themselves, funders, institutions, and a variety of service providers and community organisations including repositories, institutions, journals, publishers, and providers of tools for writing and maintaining plans.  Implementation and adoption is currently hampered by two problems:

  • A lack of standards for expression and interchange of DMPs

  • Insufficient understanding of the needs of users and the benefits and risks of different modes of action

This proposed working group will address both of these issues; the issue of a standardised form of expression for DMPs is the concern of the proposed DMP Common Standards Working Group. The group’s output will include a reference model and alternative strategies for exposing plans, to best serve community interests in meeting FAIR principles,  based on shared experience of ‘early adopters’ in test implementations. It will be supported by work to gauge user needs and motivations for exposing DMPs as well as perceived risks and disbenefits. Note * our main focus is on Data Management Plans (DMPs) but we will seek examples of Software Management Plans (SMPs) where relevant to the exposure use cases of interest to the Active DMP Interest Group.   

The key beneficiaries of the WG outcomes will be stakeholders with a common interest in using Data or Software Management Plans as instruments for demonstrating that research products have been managed according to research community standards and generic principles (e.g. that the research products should be FAIR), and that recognition is given for doing so. 

There is potential value in exposing plans for a variety of stakeholders involved in their production and consumption. These include researchers themselves, funders, institutions, and a variety of service providers and community organisations including repositories, institutions, journals, publishers, and providers of tools to help write and maintain plans. The WG will provide a Use Cases Catalogue to describe implementation scenarios and articulate their benefits to researchers and other stakeholders, with case studies of how those benefits have been realised. Through consultation with users of well-established planning tools (DMPTool, DMPonline), the Use Cases Catalogue will also identify the degree of acceptance among researchers for the levels of exposure/publication each use case entails, barriers to realising the benefits, and any concerns about undesirable impacts.

Generalising from the scenarios and  examples contained in the Use Cases Catalogue, the WG will produce a Reference Model to document generic components and workflows for exposing plans (and metadata about them), and offer recommendations for further action by each of the relevant stakeholder groups . By gaining endorsements for the Reference Model from relevant stakeholders for each use case we will provide a community endorsed approach to using plans to share demonstrable advancement in data sharing practice.

Recent Activity

09 Jan 2019

Exposing Data Management Plans Needs Assessment


Please take the Exposing Data Management Plans Survey (open til March 25, 2019) and please promote participation in the survey.

The purpose of this survey is to conduct a needs analysis related to sharing or publishing data management plan content, or extracts, with others who may help implement the plan or benefit in other ways. Your participation in the survey will contribute to a better understanding of expectations related to sharing and publishing the content of data management plans.

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03 Jan 2019

Pre-Plenary Virtual Meeting of the Exposing DMPs WG Availability poll

Hi to all interested in RDA's Exposing DMPs working group activity. 

Please indicate your availability for a pre-plenary virtual meeting on Feb 7, or Feb 14, or Feb 21st of the Exposing DMPs WG in the doodle poll at: 


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04 Oct 2018

Chairs Call


Chairs working call will be held Oct 4 10:30 UTC/11:30A London/6:30 EDT

Join  online or by telephone: dial: +1 669 900 6833 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 594 944 8813 International numbers available: https://zoom.us/u/j1EkCgYn



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16 Mar 2018

Exposing DMPs session at P-11 March 22 15.30 CET

Dear all,
Below is the updated agenda for the P-11 Plenary in Berlin next week, Exposing DMPs Session, which is in Breakout 6 (15.30 –17.00 Central European Time). You can find further details, including how to join remotely, on the session page here:
Whether in person or remotely we hope to see you there.
Angus Whyte, Fiona Murphy, Katherine Unsworth, Christine Jaquemot, Natalie Meyers (co-chairs)
Meeting agenda
* 1 – Introduction for newcomers, status update, and meeting objectives (Fiona Murphy, 5 mins)

25 Feb 2018

Exposing DMPs group call Tues 6 March

Dear All
Thank you for voting for a call slot. I’m pleased to say that Tuesday 6 March 8.00-9.00 GMT/9.00-10.00 CET/19.00-20.00 AEDT/00.00-1.00 PT has emerged as the leading time. Please could everyone who would like to take part make a note in their calendars and see the joining instructions below. Very much looking forward to our meeting!
With best wishes, Fiona (on behalf of the co-Chairs)
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.