Brokering Framework Working Group


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Secretariat Liaison: 
Lynn Yarmey
TAB Liaison: 
Tobias Weigel
WGs Wrapping up (from ~12 months after RDA endorsement)

The scope of the WG covers data sources from research and scholarly communication. Within this domain obstacles for wider application of brokering techniques are:

  • Multiple service protocols for data discovery, access, and application or processing;
  • Multiple content standards for data and metadata, augmented by Community profiles and non-standard implementations;
  • Multiple vocabularies and ontologies.
  • Multiple adaptation and mediation modules that are not guaranteed to be compatible.

Research projects and research data infrastructure initiatives often solve problems associated with this diversity as a matter of course, but the knowledge gained and components developed during such a process are not visible and useful to others. Furthermore, project life cycle limitations lead to lack of sustainability, loss of expertise, code, and infrastructure.

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Recent Activity

10 Jul 2017

Meeting dates and times - Brokering Framework

Hi, All

We have a sizable number of workgroup members now, thanks to those who have
joined in the last week or two!

I would like to arrange for two short meetings - one around end of July and
early August, and another towards the end of August/ early September.

I know that it is holiday season in the Northern hemisphere, but let's
first look at availability of participants.