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  • Author(s): Heidi Laine
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    Laine, H (ed.) 2018 Tracing Data – Data Citation Roadmap for Finland. Helsinki, Finland: Finnish Committee for Research Data. URN: http://urn.fi/URN:NBN:fi-fe201804106446


    This document presents a roadmap for the Finnish research community for implementing research datacitation practices. The roadmap consists of an evaluation of the current situation, description of thetarget state and recommendations on measures that would lead from the current situation to the target state. It also presents an information model for data references.

    The roadmap has been produced by the Finnish Committee for Research Data (FCRD) indialogue with other members of the Finnish research community. The Ministry of Education and CultureOpen Science and Research Initiative has instigated and funded the work.
    Data citation is considered to be one of the core processes of an open scholarly researchsystem. Thus far, data citation practices are poorly implemented worldwide, but once established, theyare expected to facilitate the crediting of data work, providing attribution detail, facilitating access,fostering collaboration, and ensuring transparency and reproducibility of science and scholarship.Finland has an opportunity to set an example to other national research systems, thus solidifying ourposition as a global leader in open science.

    To ensure international interoperability the Tracing Data Project has used the FORCE11Data Citation Synthesis Group: Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (2014) as a key reference aswell as a conceptual framework.

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