Joint Meeting Submission: Libraries, Long-Tail and Repositories

19 Jun 2015

Long Tail, Libraries, Repository Platforms plan joint meeting at Plenary 6, 23-25 September 2015 (Paris)


Following up on RDA P5 in San Diego, the chairs of the “Repository Platforms for Research Data”, “Long Tail of Research Data”, and “Libraries for Research Data” Interest Groups discussed two opportunities for collaboration in areas of shared interest:

  1. the definition and development of use cases to map to functional requirements for repository platforms and

  2. an “action poll” to identify a subset of the most useful or “favorite” research data management tools, and to promote them.

The purpose of this joint meeting is to share progress about the two initiatives across the three groups, define a structure for how the groups can interface with each other, and most importantly, for how they can contribute to each other’s work, and collaborate. These two initiatives will serve as examples to begin a larger discussion of other possible synergies between these three IGs, and potentially other groups in RDA.

Draft Agenda

1. Welcome and Synchronization Section (10mins)

  • IG Long Tail of Research Data

  • IG Libraries for Research Data

  • IG Repository Platforms for Research Data

2. Use Case Matrix for RDM Repositories (IG Repository Platforms)

  • Present first use cases and the use case template

  • Organize systematic input from Library IG and Long-Tail IG

  • Define further steps

3. Action poll on RDM Tools (IG )

  • Presenting first results

  • Preparing report

  • Implications for IG

  • Defining communication strategy

4. Open discussion and ideas for other joint collaborations


Preferred Timeslots / Possible timing conflicts

  • Not 23 September 2015 (Day 1) 3-6pm

  • Not in parallel with possible individual meetings of IG Long Tail of Research Data, IG Libraries for Research Data, IG Repository Platforms