Biosharing Registry: Connecting data policies, standards, databases

11 Aug 2014

Biosharing Registry: Connecting data policies, standards, databases

The product of this WG will be a searchable registry of reliable and linked information about databases, content standards (as defined in section 2.2) and journal and funder policies in the life sciences on which a variety of stakeholders can base their decisions. Specifically, journals, researchers and funders will be able to recommend or select mature and community endorsed databases and standards, and developers and curators of repositories and content standards will be aware of the requirements they need to meet to ensure their products are discoverable and well described so that they can be used by researchers or recommended by journals and funders.

To ensure a manageable project size and delivery within the 18-month timeframe, the WG will focus on the life sciences and leverage the existing BioSharing1 effort; the principles and the registry, however, will be developed in a way that is extendable to other areas of science. This use cases-driven WG is led and constituted by prospective adopters as well as technical implementers, many of whom are also leading and/or actively involved in other relevant RDA IGs and WGs, whose activities this WG complements and with which this WG will work closely.

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  • Keith Jeffery's picture

    Author: Keith Jeffery

    Date: 21 Sep, 2014

    Is it possible to define the differentiators between this group and the IGs: elixir, metabolomics, structural biology, toxicogenomics? I believe that would help various RDA people tinkingof joining the group.

    I assume the group will interact with the infrastructure groups ince there are clear intersetions with repositories (several groups), metadata (several groups), publication, citation etc that are working n generic and cros-domain solutions to allow interoperability.



  • Susanna-Assunta Sansone's picture

    Author: Susanna-Assunta...

    Date: 22 Sep, 2014

    Hi Keith, 

    thanks for your comment.

    Elixir, metabolomics, structural biology, toxicogenomics and us are all operating in the life sciences.  The scope of the BioSharing WG is a "one stop shop" for content standards that (already) includes most if not all the community terminimogies/formats/checklists for these (and others) life sciences domains has developed.

    Yes we are interacting with other RDA IGs and WGs and actually in the case statement we details these, but not limited to, and also mentions existing links we have to communities external to RDA. None, however, is classifying the content standards (terminimogies/formats/checklists), link them to databases and data policies that use/refer/reccomand these. But absolutely, as for any WGs links and cross-interaction is key.

    Hope it helps and feel free to join the WG, of course.





  • Susanna-Assunta Sansone's picture

    Author: Susanna-Assunta...

    Date: 24 Sep, 2014

    Hi All,

    as we are not (yet) an approved WG, I will presenting it in the ELIXIR Bridging Force IG 2nd session:

    Here is also a copy of my slides (back to back with the Metabolomics IG that I also co-chair):

    It is most probable that we will continue to coordinate the presentation of the BioSharing WG (and probably also for the Metabolomics IG) with the overarching ELIXIR Bridging Force IG at the next Plenaries.


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