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21 April 2017 7311 reads

RDA Collaboration Projects - Putting in practice RDA’s most valuable results

RDA Europe, following its mandate to sustain RDA’s principles and faciliate the European contribution to the global open data emerging landscape, supports the RDA Collaboration Projects, i.e. short and focused projects that produce concrete results and commit to adopt or develop implementations of specific RDA recommendations and to provide feedback to the RDA community. RDA Europe, by funding Collaboration Projects, on one hand contributes to the dissemination of RDA’s results; on the other hand it allows RDA recommendations to evolve adapting to the concrete needs of researchers.

RDA’s most tangible results are the recommendations and outputs that Working and Interest Groups produce in the effort to outline practical solutions to enable open sharing, reuse and interoperability of data across borders and disciplines. Testing RDA’s recommendations and outputs and experimenting with them in concrete scenarios is of crucial importance to ensure the feasibility of solutions and to better drive future developments. Projects adopting RDA’s recommendations can highlight gaps in the solutions or provide implementations that improve the usability responding to specific domains’ requirements.

For this reason RDA Europe has launched two calls to fund RDA Collaboration Projects offering a grant for carrying out these activities during a six month period and providing feedback to the RDA groups involved in the specific implemented recommendation(s).


The first call, launched by RDA Europe in September 2015, received 25 applications and led to the selection and funding of the following 7 projects:

Title of the Project

RDA Recommendation WG


Country Project Adoption Reports

Dynamic Data Citation & the Argo data set

Dynamic Data Citation

BODC (British Oceanographic Data Centre), Ifremer - representative Phil Worrall

United Kingdom Final Report

Creation of a Query interface for phenotyping data

Wheat Data Interoperability (WDI)

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA; France) - representative François Houllier and Laurent Hemidy

France Final Report

Integration of the RDA Metadata Standards Directory into DMPonline

Metadata Standards Directory

University of Edinburgh, DMPonline - representative Kevin Ashley

United Kingdom Final Report

Implementation of a Query Store for the VAMDC infrastructure

Dynamic Data Citation

Observatoire de Paris, Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre Consortium (VAMDC)- representative Claude Catala

France Final Report

Introduction of PIDs to the Data-Intensive Sciences in Armenia

PID Information Types

Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems (IIAP) of NAS RA; Yerevan State University (YSU) - representative Vladimir Sahakyan

Armenia Final Report

Integration of the DLI Service into the OpenAIRE infrastructure

Publishing Data services

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, OpenAIRE - representative Michael Hatzopoulos

Greece Final Report


The second call was launched in May 2016, received 27 proposals of which 8 have been selected for the grant: 

Title of project RDA Recommendation WG Organisation  Country Project Adoption Reports
BARRACUDA - pid-BAsed woRkflows foR climAte Change Using Ophidia PID Information Types, Data Type Model and Registry Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC Foundation) - representative Sandro Fiore Italy Final Report
Evaluation and demonstration of Array DBMSs using national geospatial data Array Database Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI - part of National Land Survey of Finland - representative Tapani Sarjakoski Finland Final Report
Providing training and guiding for DSA/WDS reviewers RDA DSA-WDS Repository Audit and Certification DANS - Data Archiving & Networked Services - representative René van Horik Netherlands Final Report
PITSS (Persistent Identifiers Types for Social Sciences) PID Information Types, Data Type Model and Registry, Data fabric Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) - representative Ingrid Dillo Netherlands Final Report
Collecting user stories via the SHARE platform Dynamic Data Citation, Data Description Registry Interoperability Model, Metadata Standards Directory Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - representative Alexander Garcia Spain Final Report
GESIS LOD Research Graph Data Description Registry Interoperability Model; RDA/DWS Publishing Data Services GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences - representative Benjamin Zapilko Germany Final Report