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The RDA Council maintains the vision of the RDA, ensuring the guiding principles of the organisation are maintained, and formally endorses RDA Working and Interest Groups and Recommendations.

The Council is responsible for the overall oversight, success, strategy, and sustainability of the RDA. The powers and authority, together with the processes governing Council membership and responsibilities of the Council are described in the RDA Governance Document.

Elected Council Members also serve as Trustees for the RDA Foundation, an official Charity registered in England and Wales under Company Number 9021881. Details are described in the Foundation’s Articles of Association.


Council Members are nominated by a Nominations Committee and elected by the general RDA membership. In addition to the 9 elected members, the Council has one permanent representative from UKRI-STFC, the Foundation’s legal entity host, and other consensus forming non-voting members representing the Organisational Advisory Board (OA and OAB), Regional Advisory Board (RAB), Technical Advisory Board (TAB), and the Secretary-General.

Elected Council Members serve three-year terms and may be reelected for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Two co-chairs serve offset two-year terms. Full details on the Council election processes, balancing criteria and procedures (updated in 2022) are available in the RDA Council Election Processes & Procedures document.

Jill Benn (co-chair)
University Librarian
The University of Western Australia
Juan Bicarregui
Head of Data Division
Science and Technology Facilities Council, UKRI
Maria Cruz
Programme / Project Manager
Dutch Research Council (NWO)
Joyce Gosata Maphanyane
University of Botswana
Patricia Muñoz Palma
Chilean National Agency for Research and Development (ANID)
Wolfram Horstmann
State and University Library Goettingen
Mikiko Tanifuji
Deputy Director
Research Center for Open Science and Data Platform (RCOS), National Institute of Informatics (NII)
Amy Nurnberger
Program Head for Data Management Services
Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Lee Wilson (co-chair)
Director of Research Data Management
Digital Research Alliance of Canada

Council Rotation Schedule

Term expires 2025Term expires 2026Term expires 2027
Jill Benn (2nd term)Joyce Gosata Maphanyane (2nd term)Maria Cruz
Lee WilsonWolfram HorstmannPatricia Muñoz Palma
Amy NurnbergerMikiko Tanifuji


The Council meets four to six times per year – twice in person, at the annual hybrid plenary and in conjunction with a data related event, and with virtual meetings. Minutes of the meetings are available below:


20 February – virtual

2014 – 2023

Minutes 2021

Minutes 2020

Minutes 2019

Minutes 2018

Minutes 2017

Minutes 2016

Minutes 2015

Minutes 2014


The Council has established several Council subgroups to assist them in business and to advise in important areas.  Subgroup members are appointed by the Council and may include members outside of the official Council.

Emeritus Council Members

Name and TermName and TermName and Term
Claudia Maria Bauzer Medeiros 2018-2024Ingrid Dillo 2018-2024Jason Haga 2018-2024
Edit Herczog 2017-2023Robert Hanisch 2019-2023Sarah Jones 2023-2023
Sandra Collins 2017-2023Mark Leggott 2019-2022Kay Raseroka 2014-2020
Fran Berman 2014-2019Bernard Minster 2016-2019Ross Wilkinson 2014-2019
Doris Wedlich 2014-2018Michael Stanton 2014-2018Satoshi Sekiguchi 2014-2018
John Wood 2014-2017Patrick Cocquet 2014-2017Tony Hey 2014-2016