In Community Review

The RDA community is invited to comment on a variety of documents while they undergo a community review phase as part of their endorsement or recognition by RDA. These documents include:

  • - Working Group (WG) Case Statements and RDA Interest Group (IG) Charters that outline the scope and outputs of a group
  • - Recommendations, the main outputs produced by WGs
  • - Supporting Outputs, produced by WGs or IGs
  • - Some documents produced by RDA task forces or other RDA initiatives


Usually, those documents stay open for community review for a month. They are listed in the "RfC box" on the home page.

Below you can find a list of the Groups with Case Statements or Charters currently under community review.


19 Oct 2020

Discipline-specific Guidance for Data Management Plans WG

Many research funding agencies expect DMPs which receive valuable metadata about the project as well as collected and analyzed data. In order to use DMPs profitably for researchers in their everyday life and not to create another bureaucratic hurdle, adjustments are needed on the side of the tool providers as well as in the templates.

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