RDA P6: preparatory actions for joint session

28 Aug 2015

Dear ADMP IG members,

The Active Data Management Plan IG will be participating in a joint session with the Preservation e-Infrastructure and RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories IGs during the forthcoming RDA Plenary P6 in Paris, on Thursday, 24 September 2015 at 11:00 - 12:30.

In preparation for this joint session we invite you to post any relevant links/documents referring to tools, best practice etc. for data management planning on the ADMP IG wiki. The conveners of the joint P6 session would like to include a review of available DMP tools and associated best practice during this group meeting so any preparatory information that you think might be of use to support this agenda item and the subsequent review of the  available tools would be most appreciated.

We hope that you will be able to join us in Paris and contribute to the discussion.






  • David Giaretta's picture

    Author: David Giaretta

    Date: 22 Sep, 2015

    The SCIDIP-ES project created a number of tools and services which could be useful for creating "metadata" (in particular tools to create Representation Information and Provenance) relevant for ADMPs.

    These tools and services have been used in a number of scientific repositories to improve the preservation capabilities of those existing repositories. In these cases the "metadata" has been created after the data had been placed in the repository but it woukd have been a great deal better if it had been created earlier because some details are almost certainly missing..

    Details can be found at http://www.scidip-es.eu/ and the software is at http://int-platform.digitalpreserve.info/, including a link to a VM with all the software installed.

    Other tools are listed at http://www.alliancepermanentaccess.org/index.php/tools/tools-for-preserv...


  • Sarah Jones's picture

    Author: Sarah Jones

    Date: 24 Sep, 2015

    Hi Helen, all

    There was some discussion on the Researchdataman listserv about Data Management Planning tools a few weeks back. Here's a summary list I pulled together for the EC.

    The main tools I'm aware of are DMPonline, DMPTool in the USA, DMP builder in Canada, DMP editor and IEDA. I've added links below. Some universities have internal tools as well such as the University of Manchester and Bielefeld, but these aren't available to external users.
    IEDA Data Management Plan tool: http://www.iedadata.org/compliance/plan
    It would be great to hear of other DMP tools from the group. Perhaps we could start a wiki page to list them and describe the different functionality covered?
    In terms of best practices and guidance on DMPs, there's a wealth of material out there. We point to various resources from the DCC website, but this is by no means comprehensive: http://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/data-management-plans (see in particular the guidance and examples page)
    Apologies that I can't make the meeting today. Hope it's a useful discusison


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