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Weather, climate and air quality IG – Minutes and next steps

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    Dear all,
    Thanks to all of you for participating to the interest group session
    during Barcelona RDA P9.
    You can find attached the presentations given during the session. They
    are also available on the IG RDA web page:
    If you want to keep following the discussion, you can join the group
    from the RDA website.
    As discussed during the session, here are the main outcomes, IG
    objectives and next steps. Let us know if we missed something.
    1) Define Earth sciences data use cases:
    Many of the issues addressed within our community already have IG and
    WG inside RDA (data transfers, metadata, PIDs,…) but these IG
    sometimes lack of real use cases. One objective of this IG could/should
    be to define some small examples of real use cases where data is
    involved. Then they should be presented to the appropriate groups to see
    how they could be solved.
    Within the next weeks, we (BSC) will propose a first idea of use case,
    we invite you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be very long but
    presenting in a few lines what kind of issues you encounter in your
    daily work that could be treated within RDA.
    2) Identify other RDA Interest and Working groups with whose we should
    These are the IG/WG that we already identified, please let us know if
    you think we missed any. Once we have prepared some use cases, we will
    liaise with the chairs from these groups.
    -Array database assessment WG
    -Big Data IG
    -Data Citation WG
    -Data type registries WG
    -Domain repositories IG
    -Metadata standards catalog WG
    -Metadata IG
    -PIDs IG
    -Provenance patterns WG
    -Research data provenance IG
    3) Link with industry:
    It might be useful to integrate some industries in this IG (GPS, car
    industries) to integrate their needs in terms of data and eventually
    reflect them in one of the use cases
    4) Search for new co-chairs
    We are currently 2 co-chairs from the same institute. If someone from
    this IG wants to join us, that would give a good added value to the
    We would like to take advantage of this email to remind you about the
    RDA Spring School that we organize from 25 to 26th of May in Barcelona
    on weather, climate and air quality. You can still register sending us
    an email.
    Thank you and keep in touch,
    Francesco Benincasa and Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière



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    Dear all,

    We are happy to announce the next Webinar on implementations of the recommendations of the RDA Working Group on Data Citation (RDA WGDC) that might be of interest to the Weather, climate and air quality IG. Chris Schubert from the Climate Change Centre austria (CCCA) will be presenting how they implemented the Recommendations of the RDA WG on Dynamic Data citation (WGDC) in their data center.

    Title: Implementing of the RDA Data Citation Recommendations by the
           Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA) for a repository of
           NetCDF files
    Presenter: Chris Schubert, Head of the CCCA Data Center, Vienna, Austria
    Time: Thu., 29. 6. 2017, 16:00 CEST (Vienna), which is
          07:00 San Francisco
          10:00 Washington, DC
          15:00 London
          16:00 Amsterdam
          22:00 Beijing
          23:00 Tokyo
          00:00+1 Sydney
          02:00+1 Auckland

    The WGDC Web conference page also contains recordings, slides and links to supporting material/papers for all preceeding webinars in this series, specifically:

    * Implementing the RDA Data Citation Recommendations for
      Long-Tail Research Data / CSV files
      Presenter: Stefan Pröll
    * Implementing the RDA Data Citation Recommendations in the
      Distributed Infrastructure of the Virtual and Atomic Molecular
      Data Center (VAMDC)
      Presenter: Carlo Maria Zwölf, VAMDC, Observatoire de Paris, France
    * Implementation of Dynamic Data Citation at the Vermont
      Monitoring Cooperative
      Presenter: James Duncan, VMC, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
    * Adoption of the RDA Data Citation of Evolving Data Recommendation to
      Electronic Health Records
      Presenter: Leslie McIntosh, PHD, MPH, Director Center for
                 Biomedical Informatics, Washington University in
    * Enabeling Precise Identification and Citeability of Dynamic Data:
      Recommendations of the RDA Working Group on Data Citation (WGDC)
      Presenter: Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology

    Looking forward to talking to many of you during the upcoming webinar.

    best regards,
    Andreas Rauber

    Andreas Rauber
    Dept. of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
    Vienna Univ. of Technology  | Tel:    (+43) 1 58801 18826
    Favoritenstr. 9 – 11 / 188  | Fax:    (+43) 1 58801 18899
    A – 1040 Wien               | e-mail:
    AUSTRIA                     |


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