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EU Copyright reform

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    Dear all,
    I’m quite excited at the idea of meeting you all again next week at the
    RDA 11th plenary, and make progress together on our common agenda.
    In the meanwhile, I would like to attract your attention to some dangerous
    provisions that concern our own mission as researchers, developers, and
    archivists, contained in the forthcoming EU copyright reform directive.
    While primarily targeted at the entertainment industry, some of the blanket
    provisions contained in this directive are so broad that they directly
    endanger Open Science and Free Software all together. In particular,
    Article 13 imposes to all and any platform that allows deposit of contents
    covered by copyright to install “automatic content filter” that prevent
    deposit of content potentially infringing third parties’ copyright. I’m
    sure you see why this is disruptive for archives, open science and all
    forms of collaborative development.
    There are two organised actions that started working to contact the
    parliament and obtain modifications in the directive to safeguard our
    (=scientists, archivists, and developers) work.
    is an open letter from scientists and libraries organised bu SPARC
    is a campaign from free and open source developers, and industry
    that has already produced an impressive whitepaper analysing the
    forthcoming directive
    and to which I have contributed over the summer
    It is important to support their action, and organise other actions too,
    before the discussion at the parliament starts.
    Just before RDA, a series of events will be organised in Brussels to convey
    messages to the legislators, and I’ll be in one of them, see the agenda
    I’ll be happy to report on this if we have a few minutes to spare during
    our meeting on Thursday.
    Of course, this is of the highest importance for EU citizens, but I would
    suggest that everybody take a look to what is coming here, as history shows
    that ideas (bad and good) have a tendency to spread 🙂
    All the best

    Roberto Di Cosmo
    Computer Science Professor
    (on leave at INRIA from IRIF/University Paris Diderot)
    Software Heritage E-mail : ***@***.***
    INRIA Web :
    Bureau C123 Twitter :
    2, Rue Simone Iff Tel : +33 1 80 49 44 42
    CS 42112
    75589 Paris Cedex 12
    GPG fingerprint 2931 20CE 3A5A 5390 98EC 8BFC FCCA C3BE 39CB 12D3

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