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Status: Public
Chair(s): Fabrizio Gagliardi
Group Description:

About the Industry Advisory Board


The RDA-EU3 is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) to promote the RDA mission in Europe and support a stronger participation of Europeans in RDA. For the long term sustainability of RDA in Europe and worldwide, industrial uptake of RDA output is essential.


In this context, the Industry Advisory Board, is an entity of RDA-EU3 which is trying to collect a number of advisors from the industry sector to get their input to RDA through the RDA-EU support action. The Board is chaired by Fabrizio Gagliardi (BSC) with Amalia Hafner (BSC) acting as Secretary of the Board. The members have been chosen to represent a mix of industrial IT solutions providers, major data consumers and SMEs, which derive their business models from Big Data. It is expected that the members will contribute by critically reviewing the outputs that RDA is producing, by performing a gap analysis of the services and the activities that RDA is carrying out, which should be relevant for industry and make suggestions for the long term sustainability of RDA, as well as organizing events where the research and industrial communities reflect upon their common data related problems and possibilities.


The Industry Advisory Board members


Fabrizio Gagliardi (Chair) works as Distinguished Research Director at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona and serves as Senior Strategy Advisor at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), in Spain. He is the Chair of the ACM Europe Policy Committee (EUACM). Dr. Gagliardi has been consulting on computing and computing policy matters with the Commission of the European Union, several government and international bodies. Prior to this and until 2013 he was Europe, Middle East and Africa Director for External Research at Microsoft Research. He joined Microsoft after a long career at CERN where he held several technical and managerial positions since 1975.


Peter Baumann is Professor of Computer Science, inventor, and entrepreneur. At Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany he researches on scalable multi-dimensional datacubes and their application in science and engineering. He has published 130+ book chapters and journal and conference articles, holds international patents on array database technology, and has received numerous international innovation awards for his work. As inventor of the rasdaman system, which is operational use on Petabyte-scale spatio-temporal databases, he has pioneered the field of array databases. For its successful commercialization he has founded and leads hitech spinoff, rasdaman GmbH. Peter Baumann is active, often leading contributor to datacube standardization, in 2014 honored with the prestigious OGC Kenneth Gardels Award. See for more information.


“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

By reaching out to industry, RDA has undertaken an important step

towards closing the gap between science and industry,

towards leveraging the immense joint innovation potential”.



Hervé Caumont is Head of Platform Operations at Terradue, in charge of developing and maintaining Terradue’s business partnerships and user services. This goes through the coordination of R&D activities funded by several EC projects, and the management of corporate programs for business development, product line innovation, and solutions marketing. Hervé Caumont is an Information Technology engineer with a Masters degree in Remote Sensing & Image Processing, focusing his career on Environmental, Space and Defense systems designed for researchers with data-intensive requirements. He has gained long-standing work experience within international environments through contributions to the Open Geospatial Consortium (, the Global Earth Observations System of Systems ( and the Helix Nebula European Partnership for Cloud Computing in Science (

“I am honoured to serve in RDA Europe’s Industry Advisory Board,

and contribute from a European SME perspective to the RDA long term sustainability.

I believe in Research Data’s potential to bring societal benefits to citizens and industry,

especially through the merge of data management technologies and cloud computing services.

Data infrastructures, data science tools, persistent identifiers and

accurate data citation services, data interoperability guidelines or metadata standards,

are some examples of key enablers for a dynamic and

open Digital Single Market in Europe”.


Carlos Guardia-Rivas got his degree in Industrial Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He works for IBM as Executive Technical Sales in Analytics. Prior to this, he spent three years in IBM’s Silicon Valley Lab in San José, US. Carlos Guardia-Rivas is currently working with major financial and industrial Spanish entities, focusing on databases and Business Intelligence matters.


“IBM values data from a commercial point of view,

but also because it makes it possible to collaborate with other entities.

During the last years I have made a great effort in this area which,

with IBM’s acquisition of companies like The Weather Company,

places IBM as a leader and a benchmark in the Industry field.

We believe that RDA can effectively contribute to establish standards and

improve the development and collaboration in the use of data”.



Iain Hrynaszkiewicz is Head of Data Publishing at Springer Nature where his team develop research data publishing policies, publications, features and services across Springer Nature. He is also publisher of Nature Research Group’s Scientific Data journal. He leads and contributes to community initiatives and working groups on data sharing and reproducible research and is Programme Chair of the conference, Better Science through Better Data. He has published numerous articles related to data sharing, open access,  and open data – one of which has been cited more than 140 times.


“The publishing industry can help incentivise, implement and

communicate research data sharing practices and cultures across research disciplines,

and can create benefits to its customers and business by doing this.

Research data sharing and management is relevant throughout the research life cycle and

inherently impacts numerous stakeholders – academics, institutions, industry and infrastructure providers.

As such collaborating with a global – community driven – organisation like RDA

is an effective way to collaborate on our mutual interests in promoting data sharing and reuse”.



Charles Huot, in charge of strategy and collaborative innovation, represents Expert System to the industries and governmental organization in France and in Europe. Within the professionals associations, Charles Huot is president of the commission « knowledge » and member of the board of the competitive cluster “Cap Digital”. On the behalf of Cap Digital, he is also spokesperson of the “commission TIC & Santé” which group together the efforts of both worlds Health and Technology.


“Bringing massive Scientific Data to the industry 

is the one of the main challenge for the open government strategy.

Every domain will be touched. The IAB challenge would be to support the link

between research and industry providing uses-cases and economical model.“


Elisa Martín-Garijo is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel. She is Distinguished Engineer and member of IBM Technology Academy. As CTO, her main aim is to foster the development of cognitive and intelligent solutions in Spanish companies and institutions. Also, she focuses on encouraging the digital transformation in different industrial sectors, especially in Industry 4.0, Tourism and Agriculture, using technology and innovation to drive this transformation. Among her responsibilities, she transfers experience and innovative technologies connecting clients to IBM Research. Elisa holds a degree in Mathematics by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and has more than 33 years of experience in Industry and Technology.


Fiona Murphy held a range of scholarly publishing roles with Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Academic and Wiley, after completing a DPhil in English Literature. As Publisher for Earth and Environmental Sciences at Wiley, she began to specialise in emerging scholarly communications with particular emphasis on Open Science and Open Data. She is a past and current member of several research projects including PREPARDE (Peer Review of Research Data in the Earth Sciences), Data2Paper (a cloud-based app for automating the data article submission process) and the Belmont Forum (a multi-national, multi-agency global environmental change project – in association with the University of Reading). An independent publishing consultant advising institutions, learned societies and commercial publishing companies and Associate Fellow at the University of Reading, Fiona has written and presented widely on data publishing, open data and open science. She also loves organising events, building project teams and raising awareness and capabilities among knowledge workers.


“As an experienced publisher and data-publishing specialist,

I am part of a number of research-impact enhancing initiatives

including the practice and usefulness of data sharing.

As well as the Research Data Alliance, I am also involved with international initiatives

such as the Belmont Forum and the Force11 Scholarly Commons movement,

and with outreach, training and educational initiatives.

My 20 years’ experience in scientific and scholarly publishing has given me an extensive grounding

in strategic planning, sustainable funding models, and how to achieve results

when working across international, functional and cultural boundaries.

Having worked at the interface between the academic and commercial communities,

I am used to translating and communicating the meaning and importance of each to the other”.


Sergio Zazzera leads the Technical Computing Department for Geosciences, Upstream Operations and Renewable Energy at Eni. His team is focused on supporting the technical applications for the geophysics and reservoir modeling as well as drilling and operations, meeting the challenging worldwide business needs in timely and effective manner. Most recently, he also takes care of the IT solutions for the renewable energy, gaining a significant knowledge about the perspective concerning this fast-growing new kind of energy. For the past 26 years, Sergio Zazzera has had a distinguished career at Eni, leading teams from numerous IT aspects, including software development, infrastructure architectures, operations and outsourcing service management. He played a key role in transforming a physical, ‘siloed’ IT approach to an extensively virtualized and flexible environment with centrally managed services.





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