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Next call – Fri 24, 2pm CEST

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    Dear all,
    Friday, 24th June, 14:00-15:00 CEST, is the slots that suits most of us (see
    We have set up an Adobe Connect meeting for this call:
    The meeting will be open from 13:45 CEST, to allow you to check that audio/mike works fine before the actual start of the meeting. We are also going to contact those who had audio problems last time to see if the problems persist. In case, we will come up with a proposal for a different platform to use.
    The goal of this call is to move forward towards the definition of the scope of the working group and its output(s). To this end, in the document “WG definition”, we have listed the topics presented during our last call and, for the first two topics, we also added a few possible candidate outputs – just to start the ball rolling.
    We kindly ask you to look at the document and write your name next to the topic(s) that you are most interested in – and to which you would like to contribute! 🙂 Also, feel free to add new candidate outputs, or comment on the proposed ones, as you wish.
    This is the document “WG definition”:
    And this is the proposed agenda for the call:
    1. Comments on the document “WG definition”
    2. Discussion on the proposed topics – can we converge on one (or more)?
    3. Agreement on next steps
    All the best & looking forward to talking to you!
    Caterina and Sophie

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