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04 May 2018 3122 reads

RDA Recommendations and Outputs are the technical and social infrastructure solutions developed by RDA Working Groups or Interest Groups that enable data sharing, exchange, and interoperability.  These Outputs have an important impact in two areas:  solving problems, and incorporation and/or adoption in infrastructure environments by individuals, projects, and organizations. And as an organization, RDA's goal is to expand awareness and adoption of these Outputs, and hence their impact, within all regions of the world.

RDA is not a standards development organisation (SDO) but has been building synergies with SDOs and similar organisations so that RDA Recommendations can either get a fast track to becoming standards, be incorporated in or contribute to common goals and activities and overall foster adoption and build trust and engagement in new user communities. 


RDA ICT Technical Specifications

Leveraging the clear and transparent RDA process for producing and endorsing its outputs as “Recommendations", in Europe two waves of outputs from the RDA groups have been submitted to the European Multi-Stakeholders Platform on ICT Standardisation (MSP - E02758) to be recognised as ICT Technical Specifications.

The European Commission see this as a very positive outcome and would encourage RDA to put more Recommendations through this process. This standardisation process has also targeted the robustness and openness of the RDA process,  positively evaluated by the MSP as a pre-condition for the ICT Technical Specifications identification process.  More details on this and the RDA recommendations that have been approved and are currently in the evaluation process can be viewed in the slideset below.



RDA ICT Technical Specifications from Research Data Alliance


The first set of RDA Recommendations to be approved as ICT Technical Specifications and published in the Official Journal of the European Union 20 July 2017 are:

  • TS1 Data Foundation & Terminology Model
  • TS2 PID Information Types API- Persistent Identifier Type Registry
  • TS3 Data Type Registries Model
  • TS4 Practical Policies recommendations

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