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    Software source code plays a critical role in all fields of modern research, where source code is written and developed to address a variety of needs, like cleaning, processing and visualising data.


    Software source code is a necessary component for research reproducibility and reusability. 


    Thus software source code should be properly curated in the same way as other research inputs and outputs such as research data and paper publication. Software source code developers and organisations that sponsor software development should also be properly credited and attributed.


    This interest group will provide a forum to discuss issues on management, sharing, discovery, archival and provenance of software source code. It will pay special attention to source code that generates research data and plays an important role in scientific publications.


    Information about sessions held at RDA Plenary Meetings can be found on the Group Wiki.


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  • Group Type: Interest Group
  • Group Status: recognised-and-endorsed
  • Co-Chair(s): Morane Gruenpeter, Neil Chue Hong, Julia Collins

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