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N. Title First Name Surname Organization name Country
7901 Dr Walter Schroeder microbeam.de & DESY Germany
7902 Mr Walter Stewart Research Data Canada Canada
7903 Mr Walt Wells Open Cloud Consortium United States
7904 Dr hui wang the library of Chinese academy of sciences China
7905 Prof Jianwu Wang University of Maryland, Baltimore County United States
7906 Dr Liangxu Wang Cold and Arid Regions Science Data Center at Lanzhou China
7907 Mr David Wang SBA Research Austria
7908 Ms XiaoXuan Wang Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resource Research,Chinese Academy of Science China
7909 Dr Wanida Kanarkard Khon Kaen university Thailand
7910 Mr Ward Appeltans UNESCO/IOC/IODE/OBIS Belgium
7911 Dr Colleen Harris California State University Channel Islands United States
7912 Dr Robert Warren Myra Analytics Canada
7913 Ms Denise Warzel NCI, Semantic Infrastructure Operations, caDSR Metadata and Models United States
7914 Mr Robert Roberts Writer United States
7915 Mr Wayne Peters Imperial College London United Kingdom
7916 Mr Wo Chang NIST United States
7917 Dr Wo Chang NIST United States
7918 Ms Wenbo Chu Group on Earth Observations Switzerland
7919 Mr W. Christopher Lenhardt RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute) United States
7920 Mrs Willow Dressel Princeton University United States
7921 Mr Nick Weber National Institutes of Health United States
7922 Dr test test test Italy
7923 Dr Wei Gu Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine Luxembourg
7924 Mr Wei Si NCI Australia
7925 Ms Weigang Yan Natural Environment Research Council's Centre for Ecology & Hydrology United Kingdom
7926 Mr Weihua Lu Huawei Technologies Co., LTD China
7927 Dr Barbara Weiner Leipzig University Germany
7928 Mr Willem Elbers Max Planck Institue for Psycholinguistics Netherlands
7929 Dr Ernst Wellnhofer Integral Medical Solutions Consulting Germany
7930 Ms Wendi Ackerman Upstate Medical University United States
7931 Prof Wendy Hall University of Southampton United Kingdom
7932 Ms Wendy Hagenmaier Georgia Institute of Technology United States
7933 Dr Wendy Smythe AAAS United States
7934 Mr Morten Werner Forsbring University of Oslo Norway
7935 Dr Werner Leyh University of Sao Paulo Brazil
7936 Dr Wesley Turner Kitware Inc United States
7937 Mr Jesper Cairo Westergaard University of Copenhagen Denmark
7938 Dr Heinz Josef Weyer Paul Scherrer Institut Switzerland
7939 Dr Wolfgang zu Castell Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Research Center for Environmental Health Germany
7940 Mr William Cowan Indiana University United States
7941 Mr Ben Wheeler USGS United States
7942 Mr Wilfried Heintz French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) France
7943 Mr Andrew White Australian National Data Service Australia
7944 Dr Amanda Whitmire Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University United States
7945 Dr Weicheng Huang National Center for High-performance Computing Taiwan
7946 Mr Samuel Dupéré Statistics Canada Canada
7947 Mr Marcin Wichorowski Institute of OCeanology, Polish Academy of Science Poland
7948 Dr Nan WEI Aalto University School of Science Finland
7949 Dr Nancy Wiegand University of Wisconsin-Madison United States
7950 Mr Wikus Combrinck Tracker South Africa
7951 Dr August Wierling Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Norway
7952 Mr Ahmad Mujib Wikipendidikan Project Literacy for Indonesia Indonesia
7953 Mr Peter Wilson CSIRO Australia Australia
7954 Mr Wilbert Zvakafa Chinhoyi University of Technology CUT) Zimbabwe
7955 Prof Wilco Hazeleger Netherlands eScience Center Netherlands
7956 Dr WILIAN COSTA Mackenzie Presbyterian University Brazil
7957 Ms Nancy Wilkins-Diehr San Diego Supercomputer Center United States
7958 Mr William Francis Geoscience Australia Australia
7959 Dr Willi Egloff Plazi GmbH Switzerland
7960 Mr William Smith ABC India
7961 Dr William Gunn Mendeley United States
7962 Dr William Manley Univ. of Colorado INSTAAR United States
7963 Mr Williams P GANILEO Vanuatu Government, Ministry of Lands Vanuatu
7964 Mr Dean N. Williams Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory United States
7965 Mr Donald Williams University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library United States
7966 Dr William Underwood Georgia Tech Research Institute United States
7967 Mr Will Dean Temple University United States
7968 Mrs Wilma Abbink Hanze University of Applied Sciences Netherlands
7969 Mrs Wilma van Wezenbeek TU Delft Library Netherlands
7970 Dr Bruce Wilson Oak Ridge National Laboratory United States
7971 Dr Wim Peters University of Sheffield United Kingdom
7972 Dr Wim Fremout Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) Belgium
7973 Mr Wim Jansen European Commission Belgium
7974 Mr Wim HUGO SAEON South Africa
7975 Ms Ariana Winder Pennsylvania State University United States
7976 Ms Katrina Windon University of Arkansas United States
7977 Mr Christian Winger Oeko-Institut Germany
7978 Ms Wing Tang Inter IKEA Systems B.V. Netherlands
7979 Mr Michael Winkler Cornell University United States
7980 Ms WINNIE KAMAU Association of Freelance Journalists Kenya
7981 Ms Winnie Schats Netherlands Cancer Institute Netherlands
7982 Ms Winny Nekesa Akullo Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority Uganda
7983 Prof Wiro Niessen Erasmus MC and TU Delft Netherlands
7984 Mr Joseph Ng'ambi Fruitful Youth Group Zambia
7985 Mr sithembiso wiseman sibiya zenith Technology South Africa
7986 Ms Wissal Lahjouji Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute United States
7987 Mr Clemens Wittwehr European Commission, Joint Research Centre Italy
7988 Dr Willem Jan Knibbe Wageningen University & Research Netherlands
7989 Mr William Kelly Johns Hopkins University United States
7990 Dr Werner Koeckeritz Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam Germany
7991 Dr Won-Kyung Sung Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information Korea South
7992 Dr Wolfgang Kuchinke Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf Germany
7993 Mr Kezhi Wang University of Warwick United Kingdom
7994 Dr William Anderson Praxis101 United States
7995 Dr Werner Leo Kutsch Integrated Carbon Observation System Finland
7996 Ms Wendy Mann George Mason University United States
7997 Prof Wolfgang Marquardt Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH Germany
7998 Dr William Michener University Libraries United States
7999 Mr Wilfred Mijnhardt Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands
8000 Prof William Mischo Univerity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign United States