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05 Nov 2013

Some topic outlines for our Nov. 5 virtual meeting

Among the things we plan on talking about are:

Proposal for an RDA Interest Group on Semantic Interoperability

 Candidate applications for the term gathering effort and

Work on Candidate Vocabularies

Below are outlines of these topics that I developed to facilitate briefing and discussion.


1, Interoperability IG Proposal Topics

27 Sep 2013

Working and Interest Groups Review Processes

Interest Group Review Process  [Kathy's comments in red][Herman's comments in awesome][is that the autocorrect for 'purple'?  ;)] [Stefanie's comments in blue]

  1. One of the following options occurs: A member
    1. submits an IG Charter to the Secretariat, enquiries, or an individual member of the Secretariat, or

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