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Esther Dzalé Yeumo, Richard Fulss
Secretariat Liaison: 
Stefanie Kethers
TAB Liaison: 
Françoise Genova
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Deliverables: Wheat data guidelines, Wheat data vocabularies portal

The Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group aims to provide a common framework for describing, representing linking and publishing Wheat data with respect to open standards.Such a framework will promote and sustain Wheat data sharing, reusability and operability. Specifying the Wheat linked data framework will come with many questions: which (minimal) metadata to describe which type of data? Which vocabularies/ontologies/formats? Which good practices? Mainly based on the the needs of the Wheat initiatiative Information System (WheatIS) in terms of functionalities and data types, the working group will identify relevant use cases in order to produce a “cookbook” on how to produce “wheat data” that are easily shareable, reusable and interoperable.

Recent Activity

16 Mar 2017

Some community feedback on AgroPortal

Dear WDI,
As you known the WHEAT group and slice in AgroPortal:
Have been created to capture the ontology survey results of the WDI and
provide a point of access to relevant wheat related or wheat relevant
We now have two papers under preparation:
* One about AgroPortal that I am mainly writing on which the RDA WDI
is one of the 5 use cases described on the paper. We work on this with

10 Mar 2017

RDA/IGAD Pre-Meeting April 3th to 4th - Last news

Some new information on the RDA Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) Pre-Meeting  that will be held on April 3th to 4th, before the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting at the Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Barcelona. We are pleased to share the meeting agenda and information on the venue with you.

The agenda is available at: http://bit.ly/2m8I3BU

Please note that lunch and coffee of both days are covered.

02 Feb 2017

RE: [rda-wdinterop-wg] RE: Wheat Data Interoperability WG Recommendations endorsed

Thank you Imma. Congratulations to each of you, you did an excellent work.
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Objet : Re: [rda-wdinterop-wg] RE: Wheat Data Interoperability WG Recommendations endorsed

02 Feb 2017

RE: Wheat Data Interoperability WG Recommendations endorsed

?Dear All,
I am happy to announce that the WDI guidelines have been officially endorsed by RDA.
I am also working on a paper for F1000Research and should be able very soon to submit you a draft and ask for your contribution.
All the best,
Esther Dzalé Yeumo Kaboré
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12 Jan 2017

Invitation to join the Discussion Group "Building synergies in Capacity Development"

Dear all,


this is an invitation for all interested persons to join the discussion group "Building Synergies in Capacity Development" in the next IGAD pre-meeting (3-4 April 2017 in Barcelona). 

The group will discuss about possible synergies between existing education and training activities (especially led by GODAN, RDA, CODATA etc.), about agricultural science needs for open curricula focussed on open data and about best practices and development proposals for training programmes.

14 Nov 2016

Invitation for a Discussion Group on “Metrics and indicators in agricultural science” in IGAD Pre-meeting

Dear All,

Following up on Imma Subirat’s post on October 17th, I would like to invite those who are interested in joining the discussion group on “Metrics and indicators in agricultural science” in IGAD Pre-meeting on 3-4 April 2017 in Barcelona. I will be co-chairing the group discussion together with Hugo Besemer from Wageningen University.

17 Oct 2016

Invitation to participate at the IDAG pre-conference meeting in Barcelona, April 2017

Dear colleagues IGAD and WG related,

On behalf of the RDA [1] Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IDAG) [2],  Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), the organizing and local committees,  I am pleased to invite you to our pre-conference meeting that will be held April 3-4, 2017 at the Faculty of Library and Information Science of the University of Barcelona. The event will take place before the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting, April 5-7, 2017..

21 Sep 2016

A poster on semantics for data is available for use

Dear all,
I'm happy to share this poster with you. It was created at the occasion
of theGODAN summit with the collaboration of
the two brand new working groups Agrisemantics and Rice Data
This poster aims at promoting semantics to address issues resulting from
the various points of view on a same object in agriculture. The example
used is rice but it is easily transposable to other subjects. Feel free
to use and share it.
It is available in the WDI WG folder