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Lynn Yarmey
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Paul Uhlir
IG Established

Short presentation of Sharing Rewards and Credit (SHARC) IG

SHARC is now a recognised and endorsed interest group within RDA (Research Data Alliance).  It is seeking to unpack and improve crediting and rewarding mechanisms in the data/resources sharing process (see link to the previous Research Data Alliance BoF meeting here:

At present, seven different communities are represented in the group:

Biology and Biomedicine (7 ppl.),

Information Sciences and Technology (3 ppl.),

Geospatial data (1 ppl.),

Marine Biology (1 ppl.),

Biodiversity (4 ppl.),

Industrial Ecology (1 ppl.),

Bioethics (4 ppl.).


The issues discussed here are transversal to many academic areas and communities.

 If you are not represented, join us!

Recent Activity

06 Feb 2018

message to new members in Sharc group

Hello new members!!
Just to let you know that some of us are currently drafting a background
white paper regarding the rewarding processes (existing steps, gaps,
case studies ...) for sharing data/resources. Hopefully we will come up
with a first draft of recommendations that we will share with you and
the RDA community at the latest  2 weeks before RDA P11 to get feedback.
Our session is planned on thursday *22 March 15.30-17.00*. You are very
welcome to participate!!
Looking forward to meeting you there, Laurence

24 Jan 2018

Encouraging news from the EUDAT conference in Porto

Dear SHARCs,
I am currently at the EUDAT conference in Porto where the discussion on the
future of the EOSC hub and the open data science community is very
Today, during a panel discussion in a plenary session, I had the
opportunity to bring at the attention of the community the importance of
envisioning (if not enforcing) data sharing mechanisms in order to create a
"market" for open data and open data e-infrastructures.
The intervention was much appreciated by the community and several people

23 Jan 2018

articles of interest for Sharc's work

Dear Sharc members,
First, welcome to newcomers in the group!
Attached are 2 articles of interest for our work:
* *Attitudes and norms affecting scientists’ data reuse*. Curty et al.
2017. Very meaningful!
* *Data Sharing: Convert Challenges into Opportunities*. Figueiredo,
2017. This one is important regarding the "generic" recommandations
we wish to produce; to be discussed next week...
Best, Laurence
Laurence Mabile, Chef de projet/Project manager

03 Nov 2017

Encouraging supranational statements and recommendations for SHARC IG work

Dear all,
A quick mail to draw your attention on 3 interesting documents in case
you haven't seen them yet. Totally aligned with and very encouraging for
our SHARC work regarding better recognition and reward of open science
*  the last G7 science ministers communiqué (from G7 Meeting Turin
end sept 2017) + G7 expert group on open science Executive summary