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Frankie Stevens
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Researchers are increasingly encouraged or required to make their research data available for reuse but might often feel there are insufficient incentives for submitting and publishing data, resulting in low submission rates. Moreover, even when research data are preserved and submitted, it often happens with a bare minimum of metadata which inhibits reuse.
Why is this? There are established and/or emerging workflows for selected disciplines that enable the publishing of data and some provide credit via citation mechanisms. But in most disciplines researchers are simply not aware of such workflows and they may not be applicable without significant modification. Having information about workflows is therefore crucial for researchers—and the people/stakeholders supporting them—to understand the options available to practice open science. Workflows that enable persistence, quality control and access are all crucial to enhance the possibilities for greater discoverability as well as efficient and reliable reuse of research data.
The objectives of this Working Group are to provide an analysis of a representative range of existing and emerging workflows and standards for data publishing, including deposit and citation, and provide reference models and implementations for application in new workflows.


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04 Sep 2019

RDA website unavailable due to maintenance on 4 and 5 September 2019

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17 Feb 2016

Fwd: [RDA-WDS Data-Pub Workflows] Data Pub Workflows: Notes from call yesterday

​**Apologies if you already got this** (I'm not sure how the lists overlap,
and wanted to make I didn't miss anyone...)
Dear all,
Thank you for your patience. I am happy to announce our current slate of
acknowledged adopters for the Publishing Data Workflow reference
- Giving Researchers Credit for their Data
- Elsevier Research Data Management Solutions
- Academic Commons at Columbia University
- Scientific Data
- ISPS Data Archive
- Digital Curation Centre
- Research Space

26 Jan 2016


Hi, all,
Please find notes from today's call below. Please let me know of any
Amy Nurnberger, Research Data Manager
Center for Digital Research and Scholarship
Columbia University / 212.851.2827
E-mail: ***@***.*** <***@***.***>
ORCID: 0000-0002-5931-072X
Twitter: @DataAtCU

19 Jan 2016

Terms from paper entered into RDA DFT Term Tool

Hi, all,
I've entered the terms/definitions from our paper (
http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.34542) into the RDA Data Foundations &
Terminology TeD-T terms tool (
http://smw-rda.esc.rzg.mpg.de/index.php/Main_Page). This can be listed as
part of the implementation & dissemination plan of action.
Claire, I wasn't sure which terms cross-linked to which definitions in the

08 Dec 2015

Requesting your input: Research workflows informed by the intent to publish data

Greetings, all,
The RDA-WDS Data Publishing Workflows Working Group is looking for examples
of research workflows that demonstrate actions taken at earlier stages in
the research life-cycle (i.e. prior to scholarly publication), which
subsequently facilitate data sharing and publishing at a later stage.
We are collecting well-documented workflows that clearly describe or
depict, using non-specialist terms and/or visuals: who does what, what the
relevant steps are, what are their inputs and outputs, what tools are used

09 Nov 2015

Re: [rdawds_workflows_wg] [rdawds_workflows_wg] AW: [rdawds_workflows_wg] Development...

I found a copy
at: file:///C:/Users/Gary%20Bergcross/Downloads/Sacchi_ASIST2010.pdf
FINDINGS (they note some agreements but variations are noted since things
like purpose and relatedness may different between groups there will be
Our examination of some explicit definitions of dataset in scientific and
technical literature reveals that:
1. There are common themes in dataset definitions, suggesting that there is
some degree of agreement and shared understanding, at least at a high level
of generality.

09 Nov 2015

Re: [rdawds_workflows_wg] AW: [rdawds_workflows_wg] Development of Data Publishing...

Glad to hear that "PANGAEA is currently working on the definition of data
collection, so our group will be happy to contribute to some aspects."
Per the email earlier discussion this summer (as in the email chain below)
I think that it is important to explore the conceptual space that
distinguishes various aggregation and collection granularity ideas.
Some of the distinctions regarding aggregating data are pragmatic in that
they are based on the needs of users that are ongoing and routine or new.