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In order to guarantee data sharing, the long-term preservation of these data in sustainable digital repositories is a sine qua non. Data that are created and used by science and scholarship need to be managed, curated and archived, making sure that the substantial investments in preparing and presenting the content and tools will not be lost. Researchers need to be sure that the resources the repositories offer remain meaningful and usable over time. Moreover, the repositories themselves need to have sustainable business models.

Preservation and sustainability raise challenges in many areas. The main issues related to long term preservation and sustainability remain basically unresolved, as many organizational, technical, financial and legal aspects remain open. Certification is therefore fundamental in guaranteeing the trustworthiness of digital repositories and thus in sustaining the opportunities for long-term data sharing.


The Interest Group will build on previous work in the area of certification. It will deliver the global overview and the necessary recommendations and requirements that allow the effective implementation of certification of digital repositories on a national, European and even global level.

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  • DSA–WDS Partnership Working Group Case Statement

Recent Activity

09 Dec 2019

WDS PICO Session at EGU 2020: Call for Abstracts

(Apologies if you receive this through multiple channels.)

Dear Colleagues,

If you know an Early Career Researcher or Scientist (ECR) in research data management who is planning to attend EGU 2020, then please encourage them to submit an abstract to the below WDS PICO session.

Please share far and wide.

Many thanks!


28 Nov 2019

Deadline For P15 Group Session Submissions Extended To 5 December 2019

Dear RDA members, 


RDA's 15th Plenary meeting, Melbourne, Australia, 18-20 March 2020 


The deadline to submit session proposals for Plenary 15 in Melbourne, Australia has been extended to 5 December 2019, midnight UTC.

21 Nov 2019

Notes & Presentations from P14

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you so much to everyone who attended the IG's breakout session at RDA's 14th Plenary Meeting. As ever, the turnout was amazing–especially considering we were scheduled first thing in the morning on the final day–and it is always gratifying to see the appetite people have, and how invested they are, in topics surrounding certification.

09 Oct 2019

P14 Session Chair Update

In preparation for Plenary 14 in Helsinki, please refer to the information presented below pertaining to your breakout sessions.


Remote Participation

  • Remote participation will be available in each meeting room through GoToMeeting, which will be running from the laptop provided by the University. By just opening your presentation on this laptop, remote attendees will be able to view your slides and hear you speak.

16 Sep 2019

Request for Comments: Version 0.02 of the TRUST principles for Digital Repository White Paper

     I am pleased to inform you that Version 0.02 of the TRUST principles for Digital Repository White Paper is available for comments and suggestions. While a group of 17 co-authors from various disciplines have made a lot of progress in 5 months, this community-based effort still needs improvements and inputs from additional perspectives. Please share your thoughts at


   and pass the link to who may be interested in the topic.