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Lynn Yarmey
TAB Liaison: 
Paul Uhlir
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Our aim is to advance shared understanding of the relationship between data and information, primarily in the context of environmental research infrastructures for observational data and semantic information about observed environments. While commonly used, the terms data and information are poorly understood. Typically understood as the values organized in rows and columns, in reality there are observational data, experimental data, simulation data. There are feature, trend, geospatial data sets. There are primary data, secondary data, derivative data, operational data, metadata. Furthermore, we increasingly speak of mining information from data and transferring information into knowledge. However, what mined information is and how information is represented and recorded in research infrastructures remains obscure. Knowledge is even more complex. There is a need to clarify what data, information and possibly knowledge are, and how these concepts relate in the research infrastructure context. We provide a platform to advance this subject matter.

Recent Activity

09 Oct 2019

Retiring OD2I

Dear all,
in the name of the co-chairs, I would like to announce that we have
requested to retire the OD2I IG. This is work in progress but it also
means that the planned session has been cancelled, and is indeed no
longer visible in the Programme. The reason for the decision was the
declining participation in calls this year. I like to thank the
members of this group for your participation over the years and
contributions to the group.
Best regards,
Markus Stocker (on behalf of the co-chairs)