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Lesley Wyborn, Ari Asmi, Steve Diggs
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Lynn Yarmey
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Larry Lannom

The Internet now connects data, compute resources and software from globally distributed resources in real time. Where on planet Earth these resources are geographically located is irrelevant, but to enable online access to them, there is a rising need for programmatic access to both data, and to software to process data across institutional, domain and national boundaries. This requires the development of standardized machine-to-machine interfaces that can loosely couple data and software through agreed formats, interfaces, vocabularies and ontologies, preferably across multiple domains. The complexity of these online infrastructures require that they are built by much wider communities, through effective cooperation and governance, to enable new and innovative forms of interdisciplinary science from globally accessible data stores. 


Community efforts are springing up everywhere, both within and across many scientific domains. These communities have similar goals and host parallel working groups that support the mission of advancing scientific research through data interoperability. There is great diversity in the maturity of these organizations and it is clear that there is much to be learned from and with each other to improve coordination and avoid duplication of effort.


Scholarly communication defined by Sloan includes ‘engaging the emerging community of stakeholders and practitioners tackling similar issues’. The time is ripe for identifying the key communities and partnerships within the major scientific domains that are developing infrastructures that enable sharing and processing of scientific data and ‘mapping the landscape’ of these activities to further improve collaborations and partnerships, particularly those ‘umbrella’ alliances that are enabling interdisciplinary data sharing. 


Already mapping the landscape exercises are starting to be undertaken because the duplication is becoming increasingly obvious (if not embarrassingly so!). Of particular interest is a tool developed by Dawn Wright of ESRI that was used by EarthCube to map the location of, and types of communities within EarthCube (


This BoF is about establishing whether it is felt that there is a need to do a Mapping the Landscape exercise for the major data infrastructure building activities within and beyond RDA.


The BoF initially emerged at P8 through the discussion available here (see presentation files attached):


Recent Activity

03 Apr 2017

Out of the Office Re: [landscape-mapping] Fwd: [landscape-mapping] Health Data IG mapping exercise

Hi there! Sorry to have missed you as I am away in Boston for the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting and a visit to UMass-Amherst. Email replies are more likely after I return to the office on Monday, April 10. Best wishes!…
Dawn Wright, Ph.D., GISP, Esri Chief Scientist

Esri | 380 New York Street | Redlands, CA 92373 | USA
T 909 793 2853 x2182 | ***@***.*** | || @deepseadawn

03 Apr 2017

Fwd: [landscape-mapping] Health Data IG mapping exercise

Hey Lynn/Everybody,
This is good stuff! How would you suggest that we connect with them?
Proposal to the rest of MoL:
1. Inivite them to *our* Breakout #8 session. Unfortunately on Friday,
so some RDAers will be gone.
2. Go to *their* Breakout #5 session (joint session with Big Data),
could be a busy session
3. Go to *their* Breakout #6 session - I have a conflict and cannot go
4. Some combination of 1,2,3?
5. No direct, formal contact during P9, but written communication to

03 Apr 2017

Health Data IG mapping exercise

Hi Mapping the Landscape group,
FYI – the Health Data IG is working on the following:
If you are interested in further info, check out their Breakout session during Breakout 6:
Lynn Yarmey
Director of Community Development
Research Data Alliance/US

30 Mar 2017

FW: Remote Access for P9 Session (Mapping the Landscape IG)

Dear all
Login details for the Barcelona Mapping the Landscape Session
Take care
From: "Meleco, Yolanda Anne" <***@***.***>
Date: Friday, 31 March 2017 at 6:54 AM
To: Lesley Wyborn <***@***.***>
Cc: Timea Biro <***@***.***>
Subject: Remote Access for P9 Session (Mapping the Landscape IG)
Hi Lesley. In response to your request for remote access for your upcoming session at P9 in Barcelona, we have provided you with access to one of RDA’s Gotomeeting account.

08 Feb 2017

FW: Form submission from: 9th Plenary Meeting Application Form--IG Mapping the landscape

Dear all
This has just come in!
This is fantastic news – now let us begin the hard work of making this session really worth while at Barcelona.
At this stage – how many people know that they are coming to Barcelona?
And if you are, here is hoping that we do not have any nasty clashes with other relevant WGs/Igs and our session.
Take care
From: Timea Biro <***@***.***>
Date: Wednesday, 8 February 2017 at 11:58 AM

30 Jan 2017

Health Data IG Mapping activity - telecoms tomorrow

Hi Landscape Mapping (soon-to-be) IG,
The Health Data IG is hosting two telecons tomorrow (31 Jan) across hemisphere-friendly timezones (1400 GMT, 2300 GMT) to discuss a new ‘Health Data Mapping’ activity. I thought that the Health mapping ideas sound very complimentary to this group’s interests, and might even help build some momentum for the P9 kick-off meeting? If anyone from the group is available and/or interested in the Health Data Mapping activities, those group chairs have extended an invitation to you. The call-in details are below for the two calls.

12 Jan 2017

FW: Form submission from: 9th Plenary Meeting Application Form--IG Mapping the landscape

Dear all
The proposal is now visible.
Please get back to me if you think we can improve it, or where you think it needs a touch of poodle-fluffing to make it clearer what our intent for the meeting is.
Take care
From: Timea Biro <***@***.***>
Date: Thursday, 12 January 2017 at 5:34 PM
To: Lesley Wyborn <***@***.***>, Steve Diggs <***@***.***>, Ari Asmi <***@***.***>

10 Jan 2017

Re: [landscape-mapping] The P9 proposal has been updated and a bit more has been done...

Sorry to chime in so late here! I concur with Lynn. But, as a newbie
to this group, I added one comment to the objectives section. Apologies
if this has already been discussed; please feel free to disregard if so.
Otherwise looks great and really helped me understand the
goals/objectives of the group!

09 Jan 2017

The P9 proposal has been updated and a bit more has been done on the Case Statement

Dear all
Can you please have a look at the p9 proposal - we only have ~another 24 hours: . I have cleaned it up and taken everyones comments into account.
1) Rowena - can you put the link into the AGU notes
2) Marshall or Steve or any other ontology guru's - can you please poodle fluff the statements on ontologies - I am not happy with them as they are.