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Fotis Karagiannis
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Rainer Stotzka
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IG Established

The proposed Interest Group on “Health Data” (HD-IG) is a long-term initiative in the framework of RDA. It follows a rather successful BoF Session during the 6th RDA Plenary Meeting in Paris, which was attended by over 35 researchers and professionals from diverse backgrounds, who discussed several relevant issues, expressed significant interest in forming the proposed Interest Group, and helped shape its focus as presented here. The Interest Group will fill a gap in the RDA subject map formed by its current WGs and IGs, as at the moment, there is no RDA group focusing on the intricacies of Health Data, especially as it relates to privacy and security issues in Healthcare. Establishment of this IG will also enrich the set of communities involved in and contributing to RDA, as there are several professions as well as research disciplines that revolve around Health Data.




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Recent Activity

07 Feb 2018

WG Blockchain session at RDA P11 at 2pm, Wed 21 March

Dear all,
Please note that the "WG Blockchain solutions for accessing health data" session at the next RDA P11 in Berlin has been postponed to Breakout2: Wednesday, 21st March, h. 14.00-15.30! Hope to see you there!
Ludovica Durst, Ph. D.
Lynkeus S.r.l.
Via Livenza 6, 00198 Roma
Tel. +39 06 8440801

02 Feb 2018

Health Data sessions at RDA P11 in Berlin

Dear all,
we're glad to announce that our proposal for the Health Data IG session on "Reproducible Data Service Workflows, Diverging Trends in Health Data Protection, Grand Challenges in Biomedical Data Ecosystem" at the next P11 in Berlin has been accepted!
You're all welcome to join it on-site or remotely Thursday 22nd March (15.30-17.00). Here's the agenda of the meeting:

20 Nov 2017

Health Data IG - Call last week in November

Greetings Health Data IG,
We have been working on the a couple of things since Montreal as was noted in the recent announcement. There will be a call to discuss the progress and get feedback on one part - The RDA Adoption and Training Guide for Reproducible Data Service Workflows
Case Statement:

06 Nov 2017

Health Data IG Call - Doodle Poll

We would like to schedule a call to discuss the draft work to develop a ‘Health Data Service Center Workflow’, which is based off the Framework discuss in Montréal.
We will be reviewing the work-to-date and the input needed on the Health Data Service Center Workflow:

11 Sep 2017

remote access to HDIG sessions at RDA P10 in Montreal

Dear all
we're glad to inform you that remote connection and participation to both our group sessions at P10 will be available, the Gotomeeting links can be found on the sessions' webpages:
1. HDIG session, taking place Thursday 21st, 9-10.30 (;

13 Aug 2017

Health Data IG meeting at RDA P10 in Montreal

Dear all,
we're glad to announce that the Health Data Interest Group will be running two sessions at the next RDA Plenary Assembly (P10) in Montreal:
1. a session on "Health data mapping and diverging trends in health data protection" will take place on Thursday 21st September at 9.00 am - here's the agenda of the meeting:

07 Jul 2017

Health Data Fellows Presentation

The RDA US Fellows will be presenting a short synopsis of their RDA
projects next Monday. If you would like to call in, please see the
information below. I do realize that the time is not optimal for the
European group, however, it was the best we could do given constraints with
summer holidays.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Leslie McIntosh Borrelli
*RDA Health Data Fellows and Friends *
Mon, Jul 10, 2017 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM MDT/ 21:00 UTC

19 Apr 2017

Health and medical data sharing webinar series in Australia

Hi all
In case anyone is interested, we have an upcoming health and medical
webinar series. We are based in Australia, so some information is location
specific, but some will be relevant to health research and data sharing in
other countries. The webinars are recorded so if they're in the middle of
the night for you, just register and we send everyone who has registered
links to the recordings after.
Here is the information:
The Australian National Data Service (ANDS )