GEDE - Group of European Data Experts in RDA


The aim of the Group of European Data Experts in RDA (GEDE-RDA) is to promote, foster and drive the discussions and consensus forming on creating guidelines, core components and concrete data fabric configuration building based on a bottom-up process. To achieve these goals GEDE-RDA is composed of a group of European data professionals appointed by invitation from various Research Infrastructures, e-Infrastructures and European co-chairs of Research Data Alliance (RDA) Groups. GEDE-RDA will operate within the global RDA framework thereby guaranteeing that the discussions are openly communicated and publicly accessible to the global community of experts – the RDA members.

GEDE-RDA is built on the face-to-face interactions with about 15 research infrastructures in the two previous years. Due to the acceleration of the process of defining core components and widely agreed guidelines in the data domain, we are entering a new phase that requires a slighty more structured approach and a higher degree of visibility. GEDE-RDA is supported by the RDA Europe project and the chairs of ESFRI and e-IRG will act as observers. GEDE-RDA will discuss specific data topics mainly in virtual meetings, come together at least once per year in a face-to-face meeting to advance agreement finding and create position statements that are contributions to the global discussions. These statements are not meant to express just one opinion, but need to describe different opinions in case of disagreements. We will announce where these statements will be published. Current candidates are

Attached are first versions of

Membership for this group is on invitation only. For the GEDE interaction a separate email list will be used. All essential interactions will be open for RDA members.

Responsible for GEDE-RDA within the RDA Europe project is Peter Wittenburg ( Leif Laaksonen will liaise with the policy level discussions.


GEDE-RDA members



Cathrine Lund Myhre ACTRIS
Sanna Sorvari ACTRIS
Cyril Pommier AGRO
Christian Pichot AnaEE
Marco de Vos Asterics
Petr Holub BBMRI
Anthony J. Brookes BBMRI
David van Enckevort BBMRI
Osman Ugur Sezerman BBMRI
Hossein Abroshan CESSDA
Dieter van Uytvanck CLARIN
Emiliano Degl'Innocenti DARIAH
Mike Mertens DARIAH
Dimitris Koureas DiSCCo
Jan-Willem Boiten EATRIS
Wolfgang Kuchinke ECRIN
Ingemar Häggström EISCAT
Catalin Miron ELI
Mihai Ciubancan ELI
Pavel Bastl ELI
Tamas Gaizer ELI
Rob Hooft ELIXIR
Susanna-Assunta Sansone ELIXIR
Anna Leida ELIXIR
Johannes Peterseil eLTER
Ilaria Nardello EMBRC
Klaas Deneudt EMBRC
Martin van Breukelen EMFL
Björn Usadel EMPHASIS
Pascal Neveu EMPHASIS
Michael Lautenschlager ENES
Reinhard Budich ENES
Ari Asmi ENVRI Plus
Keith Jeffery EPOS
Luca Pezzati E-RIHS
Andy Götz ESRF
Mark Hagen ESS
Hossein Abroshan ESS - Social
Nazaret Bello-González EST
Frank Schlünzen EUCALL
Volker Gülzow EUCALL
Manfred Kohler EU-OPENSCREEN
Thomas Loubrieu EURO-ARGO
Thorsten Kollegger FAIR
Sean Hill HBP
Andreas Volz-Thomas IAGOS
Damien Boulanger IAGOS
Maggie Hellström ICOS
Antonio Rosato INSTRUCT
Kay Graf KM3NeT
Wolfram Horstmann LIBER
Juan Miguel Gonzales LifeWatch
Giovanna Zappa METROFOOD
Erko Stackebrandt MIRRI
Danielle Couvreur MYRRHA
Tom Emery NIDI
Franco Niccolucci PARTHENOS
Leif Laaksonen RDA
Peter Wittenburg RDA
Rebecca Grant RDA
Danielle Couvreur SCK•CEN
Hossein Abroshan SERISS
Øystein Godøy SIOS
Simon Berry SKA
Carlo Maria Zwölf VAMDC


Name Initiative
Georgio Rossi ESFRI (chair)
Gabrielle von Voigt e-IRG (chair)
Sverker Holmgren Nordic e-science/data science