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Ethical and social issues with respect to data archiving, sharing, and reuse cut across many of the technical and policy work of the rest of the RDA.  Such issues are complementary to but separate from legal and regulatory aspects, since technology usually outpaces law and law itself is underpinned by ethical agreements and social contracts.

Topics of interest include the kinds/types of data that can be archived and reused and under what circumstances; education of researchers, research respondents, administrators, ethics bodies; gray and difficult areas of research that create new challenges for data management  ("dangerous data", legacy data, retrospective analyses, medical humanities, wellness/lifestyle data); developing policies and practices that encourage appropriate data sharing yet protect researchers and their research respondents; obligations to and impacts on families, communities, and societies; the ethics of reuse.

Recent Activity

03 Oct 2017

RDA Ethics and Social Aspects of Data - following the Montreal meeting

Dear RDA ESAD interest group members, We had a productive meeting at Montreal. Many thanks to those who contributed in discussions and come up with ideas to proceed. At the plenary, we had conducted a collaborative exercise to identify most pressing ethical concerns and most valuable contributions that our IG could make.

02 Aug 2017

RDA Plenary Meeting in Montreal

Dear Colleagues,
The schedule for the RDA Plenary in Montreal has been announced.
The ESAD will meet 11:00/12:30 on Thursday 21th September ('Breakout 8').
Objectives of the meeting are defined as identifying cross cutting topics
with various RDA groups, discuss ways of collaborating and initiate task
forces. Please see

22 Mar 2017

RDA Plenary 9, Barcelona Session - and Looking for a New Co-Chair

Dear Colleagues in the ESAD IG:
I hope I will be seeing many of you in Barcelona. ESAD is co-sponsoring a
session on data rescue on 6 April, 14:00-15:30, but there should be other
sessions of interest.
In other news: I intend to resign as co-Chair (Dr Candice Lanius is the
other) after P9 as I don't have time, attention, and financial resources

23 Aug 2016

RDA P8 : "Responsible Sharing of Confidential Research Data"

Hi Everyone,
As Todd mentioned, this session has been scheduled for Friday, Sept. 16,
from 15:30 to 17:00.
I'd like to finish the agenda for the session. If you are willing to make
a presentation, please send me a title.
Here is what we have now:
George Alter, University of Michigan, “Sharing Confidential Data: Balancing
Access and Risk”
Mercè Crosas, “The DataTags system: Sharing sensitive data with confidence”
Ruth Duerr, “On the Ethical Handling of Local and Traditional Knowledge
Candice Lanius, ?

11 Jul 2016

RDA/US Data Share Fellow Introduction

Hello All,
I am a current RDA/US Data Share Fellow, and this Interest Group supported my application to be a Data Share Fellow. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my project. I am the Data Curation Librarian at the University of Tennessee Libraries in Knoxville, TN. I've been here for 3 years now. In this position, I assist researchers with all their data management needs related to grant funding and data preservation.

26 May 2016

Re: [ethics-social-aspects-ig][rdaniso-privacy] Re: RDA P8 Session Proposal: "Responsible Sharing of Confiden...

Hi George and All,
I have been working on the question of data privacy / sharing in the
context of the RDA "Digital Practices in History and Ethnography"
interest group.
Just a few weeks ago I presented a proposal for data encryption and
"collective curation" of permissions for ethnographic data at the
Society for Cultural Anthropology meeting. What I presented would go
well with the discussion that Ruth Duerr has proposed, I think.
Ethnographic data tend to be especially tricky when in comes to data

26 May 2016

Re: RDA P8 Session Proposal: "Responsible Sharing of Confidential Research Data"

Hello all -
I can't edit either but would add my support on citizen science being an
area of interest; our RDA Fellow last year, Corey Jackson, did a project
last year on how terms of use/data sharing/privacy in citizen science
projects. I'd also like to suggest (Only if she's willing!!!) my co-chair
Candice Lanius as a panel member someone who would have some good insights
into the topic as she's worked on quantified self, data anxiety, and
similar topics.

26 May 2016

Re: RDA P8 Session Proposal: "Responsible Sharing of Confidential Research Data"

Sure. What do you suggest?
George Alter
Director, ICPSR
Professor of History, University of Michigan
PO Box 1248, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248
Tel: 734-615-8700 Fax: 734-647-8200
Email: ***@***.***