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The Data Repository Attributes Working Group seeks to produce a list of common attributes that describe a research data repository and to provide examples of the current approaches that different data repositories are taking to express and expose these attributes. The working group will produce two documentary outputs over the course of 18 months and four Research Data Alliance (RDA) plenary meetings; they are: 

1) a list of common descriptive attributes of a data repository with 

     a) a definition of each attribute, 

     b) a rationale for the use and value of each attribute, 

     c) the feasibility of its implementation, 

     d) a gap analysis of its current availability from data repositories, and 

2) a selection of examples that illustrate the approaches currently being taken by repositories to express and expose these attributes to users and user agents.

The list of descriptive attributes of a research data repository will be submitted for review and endorsement to become an RDA Recommendation, and the selection of exemplars will be submitted for consideration as an RDA Supporting Output.