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Metadata Activities at the RDA P5 Meeting

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    Dear Colleagues,
    The RDA Plenary 5 meeting in San Diego will soon be here.  My apologies if you receive this more than once because the metadata groups are doing joint sessions at this meeting. I wanted to let you know about all the metadata activities that will be taking place at the P5 meeting.  On Monday, March 9th, we’ll have a joint session with all of the metadata groups (see agenda below). Also on Monday is the joint session of the Research Data Provenance IG and the Reproducibility IG. The results of the Metadata Standards Directory WG will be presented during the RDA Outputs Plenary Session on Monday. On Tuesday, March 10th, there will be a Metadata Plenary Session. We will also be participating in the Marine Data Harmonization IG on Tuesday. On Wednesday, March 11th,  we’ll be participating in the Environment-related IG and WGs Plenary Session. The agendas are posted on the RDA website.
    We are still collecting use cases so if you haven’t submitted on yet, or you would like to submit another one, the use case template and example are on the Metadata IG website.
    We are looking forward to seeing you at RDA P5,
    Rebecca Koskela, Alex Ball, Jane Greenberg, Keith Jeffery, Bridget Almas, Dave Dubin
    RDA Plenary 5 San Diego
    Monday, March 9 1400-1530 
    Joint session: Metadata IG, Metadata Standards Directory WG, Data in Context IG, and Research Data Provenance IG
    I. Review of past achievements, current activities, and delivered products for:

    Metadata Standards Directory WG (Alex Ball)
    Metadata in Context IG (Rebecca Koskela)
    Metadata IG (Keith Jeffery)
    Research Data Provenance IG (Dave Dubin)

    II. Relationship to other groups discussion (no slides)

    Joint activities with
    Infrastructure groups
    Domain groups
    Policy groups

    II. Future Plans including need for new WGs, objectives and duration

    Metadata standards catalog (Alex Ball)
    Use case repository (Rebecca Koskela)
    Discussion (group)

    IV. Agreed forward plan summary (Keith Jeffery)
    Tuesday, March 10 1215-1300 Metadata Plenary Session  

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