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Stefanie Kethers
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Andrew Treloar
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Name of Interest Group:  Data Discovery Paradigms IG


An emerging statement on research data is that it should be FAIR: “Findable, Accessible, Interpretable and Reusable”. To comply with the first of these criteria, being Findable, we need a data infrastructure that supports users in discovering research data regardless of its location or the manner in which it is stored, described and exposed. This is a significant and growing challenge, as the number of research data repositories, and the need for cross-disciplinary data discovery, increases. This interest group aims to explore common elements and shared issues that those who search for data, and who build systems that enable data search, share.



The objectives for this interest group are to provide a forum where representatives from across the spectrum of stakeholders and roles pertaining to data search can discuss issues related to improving data discovery. The goal is to identify concrete deliverables such as a registry of data search engines, common test datasets, usage metrics, and a collection of data search use cases and competency questions.


Key questions the IG wishes to address:

At RDAP8, we identified a long list of topics pertaining to data discovery, which were then voted by the group members to a shortlist of 10 topics. The top 5 of these have been selected as the key Task Forces which the group is focusing on (linked to the wiki page for each Task Force).

Two of the Task Forces are sceduled to be officially closed at the RDA P11 after producing the corresponding outputs; specifically TFs:

The following two Task Forces are active and continue their work as planned: 

Finally, we have four additional topics for potential Task Forces that will be initiated in the near future, i.e.

  • Cataloging Common API's for Data Query

  • Using to improve dataset description and discoverability by search engines

  • Granularity and domain-specific / cross-domain issues

  • Data Discovery for Institutional Repositories

For more details on the full list of potential task forces and the process followed in selecting them, please see the page on Task Forces.


Related Activities:

  • NASA’s WG on Search Relevancy – focus is on improving search result relevance for EOSDIS data
  • ESIP’s Information Quality Cluster and NASA’s WG on Data Quality are both addressing ways of capturing and conveying quality information
  • W3C’s Best Practices for Spatial Data on the Web aims to improve discoverability and accessibility of geodata

Other RDA IGs whose activities are of interest and who we will interact with:

  • Metadata
  • Registries
  • Brokering
  • PIDs
  • Research data collections



The Data Discovery Paradigms Interest Group is open to all members and encourages active participation through the Task Force mechanism. Task Forces have phone coniferences on a regular basis. To become active in either the Task Forces or propose other activities for the IG, please contact the Chairs. 



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Recent Activity

31 Oct 2018

Invitation to the DDPIG P12 Session and Schema workshop

Dear Colleagues,
The Data Discovery Paradigms IG is once again participating in the upcoming
12th Plenary meeting with a session scheduled for Wednesday November 7th
2018, 16:00 - 17:30 in Room Moremi 2&3 at the Gaborone International
Convention Centre (GICC). As usual, we will have remote participation as an
option, which is detailed on the session webpage:

02 Oct 2018

Reminder: Oct 3 meeting of RDA Data Granularity Task Force

Hi All,
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the first meeting of the Research
Data Alliance (RDA) Data Discovery Paradigms Interest Group (DDPIG) Task
Force on Data Granularity in data product description, cataloging and
Here are the connection details:
Topic: RDA Data Granularity TF inagural meeting
Time: Oct 3, 2018 12:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or iPhone one-tap :

12 Sep 2018

RDA DDPIG Task Force on Using for research dataset discovery

Dear all,
first of all, our best wishes for a great and productive new academic year!
As you may recall, one of the decisions during the DDPIG session at P11 was
to start a new Task Force with a focus on the use of for research
dataset discovery - you can find a draft version of the TF proposal here:
r-I/edit# .

30 Jul 2018

AGU session on

So here is that obligatory last minute AGU abstract reminder email. If you are interested in this session please do submit. We got Natasha Noy from Google to put one in, so we are hoping we can get a good collection to secure an oral session for this. Otherwise we will have to go through the session meld process.
Find the info at:
Fire up those editors!

11 Jul 2018

AGU 2018 Call for abstracts: Data Set Discovery, Access and Usability: Leveraging

Dear Colleagues,
The deadline for abstracts to the AGU Fall Meeting 2018 in Washington, DC, is coming up soon (1 August 2018, 23.59 EDT). I believe this AGU session would be of interest to the members of the Data Discovery Paradigms IG. Growing interest in the use of for data discovery has been shown in work by NSF EarthCube [1], Google Research [2] and others [3]. This session provides an opportunity for community growth and exchange around implementation patterns for describing data repositories and their holding and the methods used to deploy on the web.

05 Jun 2018

The RDA Data Discovery interest Group: Summary of the P11 session and the steps ahead

Greetings, members of the Data Discovery Paradigms Interest Group!
As it's been some time since the P11 in Berlin, we would like to share with
everyone in the group the discussions held within our session, as well as to
capture your thoughts on forming and joining the new set of Task Forces (see
points 3 and 4 below). But first, here's the summary of the session:
1. Summary
DDPIG had its 4th break-out session this March at the RDA P11 in Berlin. The
main objectives of the meeting were to inform all members and interested

22 Mar 2018

proposal for task group

In the IG meeting today (2018-03-22) there was discussion of a task group to gather issues and propose solutions for using vocabularies to document science data sets. I've drafted a task group proposal to get the ball rolling. Please make suggestions and add your name if you're interested in participating.