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Please note that the Data Description Registry Interoperability WG has delivered its outputs and has now become a Maintenance Group for these outputs.


Driven by the rapid development of data storage technology, the number of research data repositories is growing fast and researchers more than ever have access to a range of data repositories including university data storage, discipline-specific repositories and national (regional) level data infrastructures. The problem is that these infrastructures are often operating in silos; that is, they cannot connect their datasets to the related research or datasets in other platforms.

The partners in this working group have addressed the problem of cross-platform discovery by connecting datasets together on the basis of co-authorship or other collaboration models such as joint funding and grants. This working group did not aim for a monolithic solution, avoiding a one uber-portal to rule them all. Rather it compiles simple enabling infrastructures based on existing open protocols and standards with a flexible and extensible approach that allows registries to opt-in and enables any third-party to create particular global views of research data.

The outcome of this working group is described in this open document: Note: This document is at the draft stage. 

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In addition, the researchers, practitioners and eResearch experts from the following institutions will engage in the conversations of this working group and provide feedback on the relevance of the outcomes to the broader community: arXiv, Griffith University,  University of Adelaide and the University of Melbourne.


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20 Mar 2018

NCI Graph at the DDRI session | Friday 23 March, 11:00 am | Room C03

Dear all, We will have a presentation about the NCI graph at the DDRI breakout session. 

Presentation Title: Tracking the Research Data Footprints. 

You can find the updated the session agenda at:

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Amir Aryani


26 May 2017


Australian National Data Service (ANDS) Registry Software scope is expanding rapidly following with a higher focus on relationships and external connections on different records. This causes a long-term problem with ANDS existing software infrastructure, and increase in the volume of input metadata to ANDS registry leads to a time consuming and computationally expensive process. Metadata retention is currently one of ANDS Registry Software biggest problem because the metadata changes over time can create huge difficulty in keeping the enriched metadata up to date.

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