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The objective of this group is to explore the areas where the principles and practices in the information disciplines of archives, records management, and research data curation overlap and where they diverge. Examining alignments in theoretical frameworks, practical implementations, and goals among these information disciplines and determining areas where practitioners across them can learn from each other could lead to the development of a vibrant community of information professionals working across different domains.

The group has met for the first time during the RDA 6th Plenary meeting in Paris, September 2015. 

Session overview available here

Recent Activity

23 Feb 2018

CfP: Workshop on Scientific Archives (Washington, D.C., 13 & 14 August 2018)

Hello everyone,
Please find below a call for papers which may be of interest to list members:
Call for Papers: Second Workshop on Scientific Archives (Washington, D.C., 13 and 14 August 2018)
Date: 13 & 14 August 2018
Venue: Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, D.C.

20 Feb 2018

Joint session with Libraries for Research Data at RDA P11 in Berlin

Hello everyone,

At the upcoming RDA plenary in Berlin, we will be holding a join session with the Libraries for Research Data IG.  Our session will be Friday March 23rd at 9am - 10:30am Central European Time (CET). 

Below is a link to the session page and the meeting agenda.  For those of you who will be unable to attend in person, we are investigating remote access and will report back once we have details.

20 Sep 2017

Notes from yesterdays session

Thank you all for the great discussions in yesterday’s sessions. We had a
really good turn out and a very productive meeting. Here is a link to the
notes from the session. If you attended, please add your name to the
attendees list.
During the breakout discussions we stayed as a group and focused on the

16 Aug 2017

PDF questions and Archives<->Data center connections

Hello Archives and Records Professionals IG!
I am hoping you might be able to help me answer a request I just received from a data center friend on archival practices around PDF migration. My apologies if this is a distraction to the group or better addressed elsewhere (?), offline information would be lovely if that is more appropriate.

08 Aug 2017

Re: [rda-dphe-ig][rda-archives-records-ig] Identifying common services across the Digital Humanities sector and the underlying standards - RDA 10th Plenary BoF meeting

Hi Nathan
I'd love to know more about the project - can you provide some background
documents on how you see the API being implemented by archives?
I won't be in Montreal, but I can speak about Australian descriptive

08 Aug 2017

Identifying common services across the Digital Humanities sector and the underlying standards - RDA 10th Plenary BoF meeting

We've had a BOF proposal accepted for the Montreal Plenary to discuss
common services across the HASS sector. Find more detail here:
We would like to find some people to present some cases on
services/solutions they have in place or use as defined in the BOF proposal
(or perhaps an update from any relevant IG/WG activity). Are you interested
in presenting a case?

31 May 2017

RE: [rda-archives-records-ig] Seeking help with the RDA-ARPRD IG appraisal project

Hello Lluís-Esteve,
These are good questions. First, the way I understood it, the audience of the resources would be individuals without training in archives and records management. This includes the RDA community, but not all RDA members are practitioners (may be management or decision makers). The members may be recommending the document we create to others within their organization for implementation. Does that help clarify things?

31 May 2017

Seeking help with the RDA-ARPRD IG appraisal project

Hello Everyone,
The Archives and Records Professionals for Research Data Interest Group (ARPRD-IG) is working on a number of community tasks. These topics were determined by IG members at the Denver Plenary, and refined in Barcelona. I am leading the appraisal task and am writing to update you on our progress and ask for community assistance moving forward.

12 Apr 2017

RDA P9 Archives & Records IG: notes & slides

Hello all,
Thanks so much to everyone who attended the group meeting at RDA Plenary 9
in Barcelona, which focused on digital preservation. You can view our
agenda for the meeting here:
During the meeting, our co-chairs Sarah and Laura took notes in an open
Google document, and we invited participants to add any amendments they