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Elise Dunham, Rebecca Grant, Laura Molloy, Sarah Ramdeen
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Timea Biro
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Carole Palmer
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The objective of this group is to explore the areas where the principles and practices in the information disciplines of archives, records management, and research data curation overlap and where they diverge. Examining alignments in theoretical frameworks, practical implementations, and goals among these information disciplines and determining areas where practitioners across them can learn from each other could lead to the development of a vibrant community of information professionals working across different domains.

The group has met for the first time during the RDA 6th Plenary meeting in Paris, September 2015. 

Session overview available here

Recent Activity

31 May 2017

RE: [rda-archives-records-ig] Seeking help with the RDA-ARPRD IG appraisal project

Hello Lluís-Esteve,
These are good questions. First, the way I understood it, the audience of the resources would be individuals without training in archives and records management. This includes the RDA community, but not all RDA members are practitioners (may be management or decision makers). The members may be recommending the document we create to others within their organization for implementation. Does that help clarify things?

31 May 2017

Seeking help with the RDA-ARPRD IG appraisal project

Hello Everyone,
The Archives and Records Professionals for Research Data Interest Group (ARPRD-IG) is working on a number of community tasks. These topics were determined by IG members at the Denver Plenary, and refined in Barcelona. I am leading the appraisal task and am writing to update you on our progress and ask for community assistance moving forward.

12 Apr 2017

RDA P9 Archives & Records IG: notes & slides

Hello all,
Thanks so much to everyone who attended the group meeting at RDA Plenary 9
in Barcelona, which focused on digital preservation. You can view our
agenda for the meeting here:
During the meeting, our co-chairs Sarah and Laura took notes in an open
Google document, and we invited participants to add any amendments they

05 Apr 2017

RDA: Archives & Records IG tomorrow 9:30 am

Hello everyone,
We hope to see many of you tomorrow, Thursday, April 06, for the Archives
and Records Professionals for Research Data working meeting at RDA.
We'll have a few short project presentations from RDA members who are
seeking feedback and input from records professionals. We'll then work
collectively to make a structured plan for developing our first output: digital
preservation guidelines aimed at the broader RDA community.
We'll use a shared notes document that we invite everyone to contribute to:

11 Dec 2016

[rda-researchdataprov-ig] Draft Charter for WG

Thought this community might be interested in this message from the Research Data Provenance IG.
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20 Oct 2016

DPASSH 2017 Call for Papers

Dear all,
The Sussex Humanities Lab and the Digital Repository of Ireland are pleased to announce that the second Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Science, and Humanities conference will take place 14-15 June 2017 at the University of Sussex, Brighton.
The CFP has now been released, the submission deadline is midnight Sunday 11 December 2016 (GMT).

11 Oct 2016

Archives and Records Professionals IG at Plenary 8, Denver

Hello everyone,
Thanks so much to all of you who made it to our face-to-face meeting at RDA Plenary 8 in Denver!
We had a great discussion, and minutes from the meeting are attached, and also available in our file repository on the RDA website here: