[RDA FAIRsharing WG] FAIRsharing update

02 Nov 2022

Dear FAIRsharing WG members,
We have been really busy over the past year and thought that you might like to hear a summary of our recent work in FAIRsharing. Below are some highlights of the work to date.
Integrations and Collaborations
As part of the BY-COVID project, an ELIXIR-driven EU EOSC project, we have increased our connectivity with EOSC and the OpenAIRE research graph. Details are in two coordinated blog posts from FAIRsharing (technical) and OpenAIRE (high level).
We have linked our organisations, where applicable, with ROR. This includes mapping existing organisations and allowing new ones to be created based on ROR metadata.
We have aligned our policy record data model with the FAIRsFAIR/DCC Structured Policy Description Template and RDA's Developing a Research Data Policy Framework for All Journals and Publishers in order to provide our community with machine- and human-actionable descriptions of data policies.
1. Engagement with RDA
* I have been named as one of five RDA Europe / EOSC Future Domain Ambassadors and am building our FAIRsharing Community Curation Programme as a major output of that ambassadorship. Our first intake has almost 20 new volunteers and has just gotten started this Autumn. Find out more about the launch of the programme as well as the programme generally.
* The Data Repository Attributes WG has continued developing a list of common attributes for databases
1. A selection of our recent and upcoming presentations:
* RDA Plenary 20 (in March 2023): we have submitted a joint session with the RDA Community Manager Connie Clare, Beth Knazook, Professionalise Data Stewardship IG, RDA Engaging Researchers with Data IG and RDA Early Career and Engagement IG on "Bringing the RDA Community to your Community", which will highlight the work of the FAIRsharing community curators as well as discuss the challenges of identifying RDA outputs to bring back to their own communities.
EOSC Symposium coming up in November. We will give three talks on a) the FAIR Cookbook (Susanna) b) the FAIRsharing Community Curation Programme (Allyson), and c) the policy description alignment work described above (Allyson together with Joy Davidson from the DCC).
* In September, a large proportion of our group attended the Research Software Engineer (RSE) Society conference, with talks and presentations being delivered.
* FAIR Data Podcast June 8 2022 Episode
NLM Curation at Scale workshop: (slides, video)
Thank you for continuing to support the FAIRsharing WG!
Best wishes,
Dr. Allyson Lister
FAIRsharing Coordinator - Content & Community
Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford
Data Readiness Group: https://datareadiness.eng.ox.ac.uk/
ORCiD: 0000-0002-7702-4495
Please note that I work part time. If the matter is urgent, you may wish to email ***@***.*** instead.
For more on FAIRsharing, please see https://fairsharing.org