16 Oct 2014

Dear all,
I’ve attached here a copy of the updated WG proposal for the Data science Summer Schools. We believe that this is much more consistent with the feedback we received from the RDA TAB. Apart from those of you who have explicitly told us that they cannot take part in the WG we’ve put you down as a member of the WG. IF you don’t want to be on the WG, please let me know. I’ve also added Yuri Demchenko and Miguel-Angel Sicilia as representatives of the Education and Training on handling of research data IG (Herman and Timea I’ve left you out as well but say so if you to be back in). If possible can you let me know by Monday evening if you have any specific comments for this document ?
I will also post up the PPT summarising the meeting onto the file repository.
Finally, there was a request to set up conference calls to disuse people’s experiences of teaching - I’m very happy to follow up on that and make arrangements about this. Can those of you interested get in touch and we will arrange a schedule ?

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