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Submitted by: Francoise Genova

Meeting objectives

The evolution of the evaluation of research from being mostly bibliographic index-based is now recognized to be indispensable to enable Open Science. In the same way that Open Science promotes the open sharing of FAIR data and other research outputs, evaluators must also value and consider these outputs as part of the wider research evaluation framework.  The RDA is an appropriate forum for addressing the evolving requirements of research evaluation as they relate to Open Science practices, and in particular to addressing challenges around the evaluation of datasets as valuable assets in their own right and the recognition of participation in the definition and maintenance of disciplinary or generic data sharing frameworks and of data services, as well as more generally of team work. RDA’s reach across the international community, including research organisations and funders, can help to facilitate and align a global discussion of research evaluation, drawing on data experts from a range of domains.

The BoF objectives are

The meeting is co-organised by Francoise Genova (RAB co-chair), Ari Asmi (RAB), Natalie Harrower, Rosie Hicks (RAB), Rebecca Koskela (RAB co-chair), Shelley Stall (OAB co-chair)

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:…

The meeting agenda will include:

Participants will be invited to gather information about relevant documents and web sites and to post their input in a shared document Evaluation of Research – Stories and Links. The document is available and input can also be provided before and after the BoF session.

BoF applicant serving as contact person: : Francoise Genova

Type of Meeting: Working meeting

Additional links to informative material:

One aim of the meeting is to gather more relevant links. The initial list shown below is now included in the shared document Evaluation of Research – Stories and Links with additional material, which can be completed by the participants or any person willing to share information on the subject. The document is organised into the following sections: International and regional endeavoursNational endeavoursOrganisational endeavours; Relevant meetingsStudies and documents; Alternative incentivesRelevant RDA Groups; Any other relevant material.

Avoid conflict with the following group (1): Global Open Research Commons IG
Avoid conflict with the following group (2): GORC International Model WG

Meeting presenters:
Meeting presenters will be identified with the help of the Regional Advisory Board and the Organisational Advisory Board.

Contact for group (email):

Driven by RDA Organisational Member: No