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08 Aug 2014

Dynamic Data Citation: which time-stamp to assign?

It's probably somewhat sub-ideal to start a discussion just before heading off to vacations, but here it is nevertheless:

While going through some pilot scenarios we came across an interesting discussion concerning the precise time-stamp to assign to a query, and a solution that woul dbe paticulalry appealingbecause it would be generic, and could simlplify detection of identical queries/subsets.

Re-iterating the basics, we assume we have

10 Jun 2014

RDA WG-DC Workshop July 1/2, London: Programme

Dear all,


As discussed we will be holding a workshop in London on July 1/2, hosted by the British Library, where we will be working on selected case studies to test the proposed approach and define the next steps towards implementing pilots for these case studies. Please find below the workshop agenda.