Workshop: Identifying Data Science Tools to Enhance Indigenous Data Sovereignty for Health Data

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23 February 2020 328 reads

Workshop Information:

A workshop co-hosted by the RDA International Indigenous Data Sovereignty Interest Group, Global Indigenous Data Alliance, the First Nations Information Governance Centre, and the Indigenous Data Network. This is the first co-convened event by these entities.

Time: Tuesday 17th March 2020, 9:00 - 17:00

Venue: The Digital Lab (Room 213-215) @ University of Melbourne, Australia


RSVP for catering purposes: http:// IDSovHealthWorkshop

See the flyer for this workshop.


Workshop Goals:
(1) Identify practical tools at the intersection of Indigenous data sovereignty and data science for application with Indigenous health data;
(2) Develop/identify use cases specific to Indigenous data sovereignty, data science, and health data;
(3) Expand the RDA International Indigenous Data Sovereignty Interest Group collaborations from the nation state based Indigenous data sovereignty networks


900 am Welcome to/Acknowledgement of Country
915 am Introduction
930 am A brief overview of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Indigenous Data Governance
945 am Panel: Indigenous participation in Indigenous data governance and access to health data
1100 am Breakout Sessions: How can we enhance data access and governance to improve Indigenous Health outcomes? What do we need to make this happen?
1200 pm Large Group Report Back on Breakout Sessions
115 pm Panel: Data science tools for Indigenous data sovereignty with health data
200 pm Breakout Sessions: What infrastructures, tools and capacities are necessary to support Indigenous Data Sovereignty with health data?
300 pm Large Group Report Back