Wondering whether you should participate in the next RDA Plenary?

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18 Jul 2017

Wondering whether you should participate in the next RDA Plenary?

Wondering whether you should participate in the next RDA Plenary? We believe “better data equals better decisions”, so here is some data about past and future RDA Plenaries for you to reflect upon.

RDA Plenaries are global events held every six months in different countries across the world bringing together the whole data-related ecosystem of players. Data scientists, researchers, engineers and IT specialists, but also policy makers and legal specialists are part of the heterogeneous crowd of data lovers that come together at RDA plenaries.

Last plenary, in Barcelona (April 5-7, 2017), witnessed the participation of over 620 participants from 45 countries across the world. 73 Breakout meetings shaped the discussions ranging across a variety of topics and disciplines including agriculture, librarianship, privacy and security matters, metadata and data management plans, as well as unmanned aircraft systems and digital humanities, just to mention a few of the very disparate topics that were tackled.

RDA is a community-based organisation, where all members are called to discuss issues and seek solutions to enable the open sharing of scientific data, across disciplines and borders.

Participating in an RDA plenary is always an engaging and equally rewarding experience: you will have the opportunity to bring your issues to the table, discuss about the practical barriers you are facing, highlight your needs and propose solutions together with the world’s finest experts. You will be able to find out what your colleagues are up to, and identify new partners for future collaborations, to join forces on similar research topics or put together complementary outputs for strengthening the potential of your results.

At RDA plenaries data matters are discussed in all of their different perspectives, so you will be able to gain a 360° vision, getting valuable insights on all aspects and implications.

We are living in the “Data Era”: if you really want to be part of the action, the RDA Plenary is the place to be!

Still wondering whether to join us in Montréal for RDA P10, September 19-21, 2017?

Don’t forget Early Bird registration closes 14 August 2017 midnight EDT.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Canada!