What happened at the Tokyo Plenary?

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07 June 2017 1158 reads


webinar, related to RDA in general


30 March 2016, 14:00 CET


Hilary Hanahoe, Francoise Genova, Paola Masuzzo


This time the plenary is being organized in Tokyo which will limit the number of European experts who will participate. Nevertheless, the plenaries are the milestones for the data practitioners in their working and interest group work and where, in general, progress is achieved. This implies that many of those who cannot participate nevertheless would like to have a quick update. This is the first time we will organize such a webinar and based on the experience we may choose another format for reporting about the Denver plenary in September.

Target Audience:

This course is of interest for those who cannot participate in the Tokyo plenary of RDA but nevertheless would like to have an overview of what happened. Of course it is impossible to report about all sessions, but different persons (Francoise from TAB, Hilary from Secretariat and one of the early career persons being funded by RDA) will present their impressions.