WGs Wrapping up (from ~12 months after RDA endorsement)

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03 Dec 2021

Data Repository Attributes WG

The Data Repository Attributes Working Group seeks to produce a list of common attributes that describe a research data repository and to provide examples of the current approaches that different data repositories are taking to express and expose these attributes. The working group will produce two documentary outputs over the course of 18 months and four Research Data Alliance (RDA) plenary meetings; they are: 

1) a list of common descriptive attributes of a data repository with 

     a) a definition of each attribute, 

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20 Oct 2020

Data Granularity WG

Recognised & Endorsed

Welcome to the RDA Data Granularity Working Group



The efficient and effective reuse of data requires that users, be they humans or machines, be able to find and access data at fine levels of granularity.  The WG will explore key questions and collect and share valuable information for how to best support data granularity, providing guidance to help data professionals to determine the best level of granularity for user discovery, access, interoperability and citability. 


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