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03 January 2016 2147 reads
Date & time: Tuesday 1st March - 16:30 - 18:00 - Working Meeting Session 3
Meeting title: Initial meeting of the Research Data Collections WG
This is the first meeting of the newly established RDA WG on Research Data Collections, following up on an initial BoF meeting at the RDA P6 in Paris. The goal of the WG is to provide a unified concept for describing data collections and providing a standard way to manipulate them, relying on PIDs as the central elements to pinpoint both collections and their items in a by-reference manner.
The group already has a homepage at https://rd-alliance.org/groups/pid-collections-wg.html where the latest version of the case statement is available.
The objective of the meetings are to receive detailed input from already identified and possible additional use case providers and initiate the first work items that lead to the main WG deliverables: A conceptual description of collection models and an API specification and prototype for CRUD operations on collections.
Preliminary agenda:
1. Introduction to group objectives and use case feedback received so far
2. Overview on existing efforts for describing collections
3. Open discussion of first concepts and ideas based on common themes identified in the use cases
4. Future group interaction and next steps
Participants may be representatives from user communities that are using or plan to use PIDs to describe large numbers of objects with a need to arrange them in collections, possibly already using a solution to do so; attendees familiar with existing concepts or standards used to describe collections; service providers interested in developing user-oriented tools that exploit collection facilities.
Tobias Weigel